Who are RAW Charging?

We’re a team of industry experts who are driving the creation of the largest networks of public
and private chargers across the UK and Europe. Our partners choose to work with us because
of our holistic approach to matching the right EV charging technologies to the different
use cases at any location, in any region. EV charging is not a case of “one size fits
all”. In fact, we view each and every postcode as it’s own business case and we’ll
be happy to work with you.

Before The Revolution

While many companies were just starting to think about electric energy and others were still trying to convince the world that fossil fuels would last forever, our founding members were already gathering experience in electric vehicle charging. RAW Charging was created by the founders of RAW Energy who previously specialised in the development and investment of renewable energy projects across the UK, including solar parks, solar roof top installations, commercial biomass boilers, and biomethane anaerobic digestion plants using food waste.

Meet The Team

RAW Charging was founded by a team of people who for over 15 years have specialised
in the development and investment of renewable energy. Working with many large investment institutions, RAW have
been able to fund a number of individual projects with sustainability always at the forefront.


Bruce Galliford

Bruce is a successful entrepreneur with a background in corporate finance. Always having an interest in sustainable investment, Bruce co-founded RAW Energy in 2012, and RAW Charging in 2018.


Tony Mills

A Chartered Engineer with a Sales focus, Tony joined RAW in 2019. Tony provides extensive experience in running global teams across the world after spending time in the US with technology partner, ChargePoint.

Non-Exec Chairman

Tim Eggar

Tim joins RAW as a highly respected non-executive Chair and Board Director, with a wealth of experience across the energy sector. Spending 11 years as government minister and 4 years as Energy Minister, Tim also sits on the strategic advisory board of Braemar Energy Ventures, an early investor in ChargePoint.

Non-Exec Director

Jonathan Turner

A successful risk-taking Entrepreneur, Jonathan oversees the operation of a diverse range of companies within his very own, The Bayford Group. Spanning property development, hospitality and the energy sector, Jonathan brings a wealth of experience to RAW’s executive team and is involved in critical strategic decision making

Non-Exec Director

Elizabeth Slater

Joining Bayford as a graduate trainee in 1988, Elizabeth soon became MD and was influential in driving and growing the groups day-to-day operation for over three decades. Overseeing many successful acquisitions and new-business start-ups, as non-executive director, Elizabeth provides the RAW team with invaluable commercial and operational knowledge.

Non-Exec Director

David Richards CBE

David joined RAW as a non- executive director in November 2021 to lend his experience in assisting RAW’s scaling network. David’s experience comes as founder and chairman of motorsport company, Prodrive, chairman of Motorsport UK and spent 6 years as chairman of iconic British sports car manufacturer,


Sales Director

Martin Hale

Martin possesses unrivalled experience and knowledge within the EV industry that spans over 11 years. He joined the RAW team in early 2020, to head up the Sales team after a number of years with technology partner, ChargePoint.

Finance Director

Charles McKay

A Fellow of the Institute of Chartered Accountants. As a Finance Director, Charles has been involved in numerous corporate transactions and joined RAW to provide his valuable expertise as the Network goes from strength to strength.

Business Development Director

Paul Booth

Paul joined RAW in March 2022 bringing with him a wealth of Energy sector Sales and Management experience. Focusing on existing clients and acquiring new business, Paul works with the Sales engine of RAW to help drive the business forward. His focus is on building a team to support the business’ growth strategy.

Head Of Strategy & Special Projects

Neil Broadbank

Joining in 2017, Neil focuses on special projects and company strategy towards the rollout of customer and RAW-owned EV charging networks. He oversees the delivery of various EV charging initiatives for real estate clients. A background in environmental management, Neil is an associate member of the Energy Institute.

Facilities & Administration Manager

Felicity Hornby

Since joining RAW in 2015, Felicity has focused on developing and streamlining administrative processes which have enabled the company to adapt smoothly as it has grown quickly to become a major player in a fast-developing field.

Property Fund Advisor

Jonathan Chandler

Jonathan’s role sees him support and help RAW’s large institutional property landlords identify how the rollout of EV charging can enhance their properties and drive a new revenue stream. Over recent years, Jonathan has acquired or disposed of over two million sq ft of business space for a combination of funds, institutions & propcos.

Marketing Manager

James Ayre

James joined RAW Charging after spending 5 years as Marketing Manger at a specialist Automotive company. Taking charge of Marketing activity across the board, James’ role ranges from the organisation of industry specific events, to the future planning of marketing strategies as the brand continues to expand.

Project Deployment Manager

Rob Gibson

Rob is in charge of RAW’s large scale network deployment.A background in Civil and Environmental Engineering. Rob previously worked for Stantec UK’s Infrastructure team managing  the rollout of Network Rails GWR station inspections and their UK STEM involvement.

Project Deployment

Tom Galliford

Tom joined the Operation team in December 2020 to help assess the potential of sites for electric charging installations. Tom’s role includes looking at the physical location, power availability, usage projections and implementation recommendations before compiling a report for the client.

Financial Controller

Henry Bicket

Henry is a Chartered Accountant who joined the team in July 2021. He trained at mid-tier London professional services firm where he specialised in audits in renewables. Responsible for the Group’s financial management, he plays a key role in designing and maintaining the systems necessary to support our growth.

National Sales Manager

George Tice

After completing a business degree at Leeds University, George joined the RAW team as a National Sales Manager. With a focus on the RAW host ownership option, George often does the initial site research before liaising with the client and then submitting a detailed proposal.

Project Deployment

Harry McKay

Harry completed his master’s degree in Mechanical Engineering at Exeter University and joined the RAW team in October 2021. He is responsible for the day-today management of the RAW Charging Network and also provides support to drivers who are part of the RAW owned, LiFe Network.

Sales Executive

Valentine Hutley

Valentine joined RAW in January 2022 after previously setting up a successful Glamping business. To continue RAW’s growth strategy, Valentine’s role involves carrying out site research and liaising with potential clients before surveys are carried out.

Business Support Manager

Debra Wilson

Joining RAW in March 2022, Debra brings experience in developing systems in corporate environment. Working closely with the Finance and Admin team, Debra’s role involves the development of internal processes as the company continues to grow.

Junior Deployment Project Manager

Ahmed Khater

Ahmed joined the operations team in April 2022. Beginning his studies in Kuwait, Ahmed recently completed a Mechanical Engineering degree in the UK and has since managed a number of projects in the renewables & green energy sector. Using this experience, Ahmed joins the RAW deployment team and is responsible for the rollout of EV chargers across the UK & Europe.

Our Partners


ChargePoint operates one of the world’s largest EV charging hardware manufacturer and network. Their products and services are designed, developed and in the case of their own or third-party hardware, extensively tested in labs by the experienced and specialist engineering team.


Alpitronic are aircraft DC charging/AC power supply specialists and have developed one of the most stylish, innovative and cost effective super-fast chargers in the world, most notably, the Hypercharger, which can be found at the RAW Charge Yard in Slough.


With transformer substations, energy storage systems, charging stations for electric vehicles and a large portfolio of other products, Alfen takes on a central role and is a connecting partner in the electricity grid. Part of our at home offering sees us utilise the Alfen hardware.