Who are RAW?

We’re a team of industry experts driving the creation of one of the largest networks of public
and EV Charging across the UK and Europe. Our partners choose to work with us because
of our holistic approach to matching the right model of hardware to the different
use cases at any location. EV Charging isn’t “one size fits all”. In fact, we view
each and every postcode as it’s own business case and we’ll be happy
to work with you.

Our Early Days

While few companies were just starting to think about electric energy, our founding members were already gathering experience in electric vehicle charging. RAW was created by the founders of RAW Energy who previously specialised in the development and investment of renewable energy projects across the UK, including solar parks, solar roof top installations, commercial biomass boilers, and biomethane anaerobic digestion plants using food waste.

Board of Directors

RAW Charging was founded by a team of people who for over 15 years have specialised
in the development and investment of renewable energy.


Bruce Galliford


Tony Mills


Nick de Mestre

Non-Exec Chairman

Tim Eggar

Non-Exec Director

Jonathan Turner

Our Partners


ChargePoint operates one of the world’s largest EV charging hardware manufacturer and network. Their products and services are designed, developed and in the case of their own or third-party hardware, extensively tested in labs by the experienced and specialist engineering team.


Alpitronic are aircraft DC charging/AC power supply specialists and have developed one of the most stylish, innovative and cost effective super-fast chargers in the world, most notably, the Hypercharger, which can be found at the RAW Charge Yard in Slough.