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Book for Success with RAW Charging: Why Hotel EV Charging is a Must-Have

Electric vehicles are becoming increasingly popular, with many motorists and businesses switching from ICE (Internal Combustion Engines) to EVs. With this increase comes the need for EV charging stations, an area where the hospitality industry can capitalise – and RAW Charging can help. 

Guests drive electric, but is your business EV-ready?

The hospitality sector is a prime example of an industry in which EV charging solutions can flourish, whether electric vehicle charging points are placed at a pub for a quick top-up or at hotels where guests can safely and efficiently charge their vehicles overnight. 

Of course, the hospitality industry is a sector consistently at the forefront of environmental and social changes, whether concerning greener living and the impact on the climate and lifestyle choices – the influence they can have on EV charging is no different. 

Now, hotels and other hospitality businesses can tap into this generational shift, readying their commercial premises for EV-driving guests. Much like previous shifts, such as solar power, hospitality is in a healthy position to stay ahead of the game and reap the financial rewards.

Boost occupancy and generate revenue.

In 2021, over 220,000 EV owners sought hotels that provided EV charging facilities, choosing to book at these destinations over hotels without EV charging. The average cost of an overnight stay in a UK hotel is around £85 – £90 per night; that’s about £19.8m of EV-related revenue last year alone. 

This revenue increase doesn’t just stop at check-ins either; with RAW Charging’s fully-funded host solution, you can enhance your business and create a new revenue stream. 

Hoteliers can now earn an income from their parking spaces and hotel rooms, while landlords, restauranteurs and other hospitality-based business owners can also take advantage. 

Almost half of all EV drivers rely on destination charging, which makes EV charging facilities a crucial aspect of finding the perfect destination – whatever the duration of the stay. 

How Greene King went green

With RAW Charging’s help, Greene King, the UK’s leading brewery and pub retailer, is currently in the process of rolling out community EV charging across its vast portfolio of sites. 

Recognising the opportunity and the increase in the volume of EV ownership (and how this ownership can be a deciding factor regarding their choice of destination), they opted for RAW Charging’s popular host ownership option. As a result, RAW Charging will fully fund, install and manage charging stations across 800 pubs and hotels within the next 24 months – at no cost to the client. In fact, Greene King received a revenue share of profit from visitors paying at its charge stations.

RAW Charging is in the best position to provide this business-changing service thanks to RAW’s fully-funded solutions, fantastic industry connections and partnerships with key brands, all of which place RAW Charging at the forefront of future EV charging infrastructure. 

Why are EV charging facilities a now-essential hospitality addition?

So, why exactly should you invest in EV charging solutions? Perhaps you’re comfortable with your business’s current set-up? Or maybe things are ticking over nicely, and you’re unsure about change? 

Here are just four reasons for introducing EV charging facilities to your commercial premises: 

  • You’ll attract more guests – With 1 in 5 of all new vehicles in the UK being an EV and every major manufacturer offering an EV range, opening up your business to EV owners is a no-brainer.

    Moreover, fleet purchasing is on the up – meaning businesses and conferences will need EV fleet charging solutions for overnight stays.

  • You’ll increase your ROI – With plenty of incentives and subscriptions, such as RAW Charging’s fully-funded solutions, EV charging facilities are affordable for any business and, in turn, can dramatically increase income and footfall.

  • You’ll increase guest dwell time – EV owners using hospitality-based EV charging are far more likely to stay longer as they charge. This increase in dwell time subsequently means they’ll spend more at the destination.
  • You’ll cement your brand as a sustainable business – Being environmentally conscious is a huge plus for many potential guests. In addition, investing in EV charging facilities will boost your ESG credentials, signposting that you’re future-ready and ahead of the competition. 

How RAW Charging can provide EV charging solutions for hotels and the hospitality sector.

RAW Charging is spearheading EV infrastructure change. Backed by full funding for free installation and a passionate team, we provide all of your business’s support, software and manageable subscriptions. 

In short, we ease the entire process, guiding you from planning and installation to completion with the perfect EV infrastructure plan for your specific business. Once your EV charging facilities are in place, we’ll continue to provide ongoing customer support and build a strong working relationship.

With RAW Charging: 

  • You can find the perfect tailored charging solution for your location.
  • We’ll install and maintain your charging facilities, with different services available depending on the chosen ownership option.
  • RAW Charging’s reliable and easy-to-use roaming EV chargers will benefit you and your guests.
  • There’s the option for a free, fully-funded consultancy process at no extra cost. Click here to see if your location qualifies as a RAW Host Partner. 

Are you ready to join the hospitality sector’s fast-growing EV charging infrastructure network? RAW Charging is on hand to provide risk-free revenue and seamless EV charging solutions to your location. 

Contact the friendly RAW Charging team for installation information, or browse Our Process and Ownership Options.