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We can customise each station to your specific requirements enabling you to provide
the best solution for you, your employees or your customers. We know that EV
charging is so much more than a plug and that service and maintenance
are critical to what we offer.

Power Management
An intelligent power management software automatically controls the output of any charging station, or group of stations in real-time to efficiently allocate the available power supply between vehicles and to ensure the total capacity isn’t overloaded. The system allows you to set power consumption ceilings per circuit, per distribution panel or per site intelligently ensuring that these ceilings are never exceeded avoiding expensive electricity upgrades and reducing additional infrastructure requirements.
The Mobile App
Our system provides you with access to the user-friendly mobile apps. Designed with both EV drivers and station owners in mind, drivers can easily search for a station's availability before arriving and join a virtual waitlist, while station operators can manage their visibility to the public and monitor key metrics. As part of the installation, our team provide an in-depth tutorial to ensure you are ready for charger management and your users find charging simple and convenient.
Fleet Vehicle Management
Our service can include a unique integrated fleet management solution, specifically designed for small or large electric fleets. An extremely useful asset management tool, the software can add value and save money for your business as you can track energy and station usage or activate specific RFID cards for different types of vehicle. The software supports the integration of other fleet telematics and comprehensive data to enable your business to forecast transport activities.

Flexible & Simple Billing

You can easily adjust and manage the pricing across all of your charging stations with the touch of a button. Better still, you can apply a bespoke range of prices to different drivers or to individual charge points. You will have the ability to charge by hour or kWh, by time of day or by customer type. You could even offer your employees free charging but may choose to make visitors pay for charging. As a host partner, the  revenue share from any power you sell is transferred once a month directly to you.

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