Charge for a few hours or overnight when you arrive
at destination charging locations such as hotels,
restaurants, and shopping centres across the



- Charge at up to 7.4kW per port
- Designed for fleet & residential blocks
- Save with panel sharing & scheduled charging through the app
- Control your charging station usage
- Uses 40% less energy in standby compared to other chargers
- 5.5m cable length
- Fully charge most EVs in under 4 hours
- Supplied wall or pole mounted


CP4100 & CP4300

- AC Charging up to 22.2kW per port
- Set a tariff for your staff and visitors
- Set a power limit for charging with integrated distribution
- Supplied as wall or pole mounted
- Socket only or cable attached option
- Simple contactless payment features
- LCD screen with multi language instructions

ABB DC Wallbox

ABB DC Wallbox

- DC Charging up to 24kW per port
- Fast charging in an ultra compact footprint
- Dual output: CCS2+ CHAdeMO
- CE certified, safe & reliable
- Set up for external energy meter integration
- Usable for residential, public, office or commercial

AC Charging Solutions

More recently than ever, EV drivers are increasingly looking to charge their vehicles at destinations like retail parks, hotels, offices, and other places of work. In fact, over 35% of drivers simply rely on destination charging.

Drivers are now expecting to recharge at destinations and while a recent study showed 66% of EV drivers still prefer to charge at home, almost a third (29%) are now using public or destination chargers, with 21% charging at work and at other destination locations.

With previous estimates of up to 90% of EV charging taking place at home, this is a significant shift and we expect, as the world recovers from a global pandemic, that people begin to travel more for both work and pleasure.

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