In Your Home

Charging your EV is easy when you have access to a home charging station.
The convenience and reliability of a personal charger ensures that you are
always ready to hit the road.

ChargePoint CPH32

- Smallest tethered home charger
- Charge at up to 7.4 kW
- Fully charge most EVs in under 4 hours
- App allows you to schedule charging
- Comes with a 6 or 8 metre attached cable
- Ultra-thin compact design (28 cm x 18 cm)

Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line

Alfen Eve Single Pro-Line

- Compact single socket charger
- Suitable for both business and home use
- Supplied wall or pole mounted
- Integrated RFID reader
- Internet connection via the mobile network
- Data available via the ChargePoint Operator Network.

Why Home Charging?

Cost efficiency and convenience are two main reasons to charge your EV at home. Instead of purchasing power from a third party, you can pay a flat fee for a residential charging station and have unlimited energy from the same source. Though you may see a small spike in your electricity bill, you’ll still save money by saving yourself trips to public charging stations.

EVHS Scheme:

From 1 April 2020, customers who are the registered keeper, lessee or have primary use of an eligible electric vehicle can receive up to 75% (capped at £350) off the total capital costs of the chargepoint and associated installation costs. RAW will include this as part of the overall purchase price.

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