En Route Charging

Often referred to as DC charging stations in the right locations offering faster recharging times can often be the ideal opportunity to top-up quickly. In 10 minutes or less, en route charging could offer a top-up of 100 miles.

Charging as easy as 1, 2 3…

Our contactless hardware makes payment easy. Simply tap your contactless debit/credit card, RFID or App to start a charge
Insert the plug into your vehicle and wait for the charger to begin charging
Enjoy visiting your destination and when you return, you'll be topped up ready to go!
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En Route Charging Solutions

On longer journeys, the remaining range in your battery may not get you to your destination. In this scenario you can make use of high power rapid chargers (43-350kW) found in charge yards, service stations and other locations across the UK. Slightly more expensive than AC charging, they dispense a lot of electricity in a short space of time. Always supplied with a cable, you won’t need to use your own and our DC ultra rapid chargers often offer all three types of connector types to ensure all EVs are catered for.

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