EV chargers for
tenants across all industries

Whether you are a tenant sourcing EV charging for staff at your place of
work, for your fleet at your delivery depot, or for your restaurant
drive-thru; we can help you with the entire process.

Some Of The Tenants We Work With



Commercial tenants will know that employees are relying on workplace charging more and more. So much so, 35% of people rely on destinations to charge their EV and an office is ideal for this. We can give you the flexibility to offer free charging to employees while setting a tariff for other users.


As the requirement for EV charging intensifies, our team will happily liaise with your landlord to ensure you and your workforce are provided with the charging facility suitable to your needs.


Retail tenants provide the ideal opportunity to become a RAW host partner. In signing up, the turnkey process will take place without charging you anything. In making your location a more customer friendly place spend time, you'll even be able to market the fact you now offer reliable EV charging.


Amongst a host of current government incentives aimed towards residential tenants, our team will work with you to suggest the safest and simplest charging solution to ensure your tenants expectations are met.


Fleet companies who may be considering moving to full BEV's must first ensure the infrastructure is in place. We will provide a full range of tools to administer personalised access to drivers, measure and manage consumption, track costs, minimise downtime and reduce TCO.

Key Points A Tenant Should Consider

1 in 5

Is the ratio of required chargers to parking spaces a new non-residential building or one undergoing major renovation should have


Of drivers rely on destination charging


Electric vehicles are predicted to be on the road within the next 10 years

Client Case Study: Proctor & Gamble

Worldwide consumer goods brand Proctor & Gamble came to RAW to find a solution for staff charging at their Brooklands, UK site. As part of our process, we offered our lease solution with the instal of 6 ports. We set up the software to cater for staff who, like 35% of the UK EV drivers, rely on workplace or destination charging.

Further sites are in the pipeline and we hope to continue our great relationship with Proctor & Gamble in the future.

5 Key Questions Tenants Often Ask Us...

Absolutely! Upon installation, our team will take your team through the ins and outs of both the hardware and the software. Don’t forget, RAW can manage your chargers for you for a small fee!

Our typical install times are 6-8 weeks from instruction, but this can change depending on the required civil works. Our intention will always be to start and finish the job as soon as possible to provide a little disruption to your site as we can.

For retail sites, dwell time is an important factor. Many of our retail clients adopt EVC as a draw for customers to increase their dwell time at multiple facility locations with the average charge time at 2.5 hours.

RAW Charging undertake a desktop review in order to evaluate each individual site to discover where the most suitable location for the chargepoints will be. This will be discussed with the client, and is dependent on the electrical point of connection and utilisation.

As a turnkey supplier, our team will liaise with your landlord and take care of the process throughout. Once we have the agreement in place, our internal team will handle the legals and we’ll provide suggestions on the chosen solution.

Our P2C model is fully funded, meaning you don’t have to pay anything for installation, maintenance or software. This means RAW retain full ownership of the equipment for the duration of the term.

Client Case Study: Brompton Bikes

Positioned on a retail site, tenant Brompton Bikes requested replacement chargers from RAW Charging as part of an overhaul in their customer service. In place already were a number of non-working EV charge points and RAW were requested to provide a solution for a first install and a potential second install at a later date.

A site survey, a detailed proposal and  weekend installation were requested by the client which saw 10 charging ports implemented and the site being readied for the second install.

Your Ownership Options

A large car park means a great opportunity to become a RAW Host partner. But to get the right solution for you,
RAW will liaise with your landlord, before working closely with you to ensure the
most effective installation is proposed.


- Own a lucrative, busy site?
- Receive a revenue share
- No management required from you


- Own the asset and earn from it
- Our team provides training and support
- 24/7 service should anything go wrong

Pay Monthly

- Pay monthly across a 3-5 year lease
- Installation included across the lease
- Option to own the assets at the end

Request A Free Site Survey

Once you’ve filled out the form and requested a free site survey we can check if we’ve got the right solution for you. Then we’ll be in touch to explain the installation costs and everything else you need to know about the EV charge point.


Looking for EV chargers for tenants? Get in touch with us to talk about and understand the EV charging requirements across your site or portfolio of sites.

EV Chargers For Tenants