Our Process:
From start to finish

RAW Charging has assembled a team of experts able to help you with every stage
of the process. So, whether you need information about what opportunities
electric vehicle charging could bring to your business; whether you want
expert advice on your technology and payment options; or if you need
a reliable installer, RAW can help you every step of the way.

Our Agnostic Consultancy Process

1. Opportunity

Your opportunities will change depending on your situation. Retailers may be looking to increase dwell-time or landlords might want to draw revenue from tenants. We'll start with an initial discussion followed by a survey and search to understand what type of EVC is right for you and what it could mean in terms of revenue.

2. Strategy

Once you know more about the size of your opportunity, we can start making decisions about what sort of technology you'll need and ways you can own it. We'll be able to give you clear simple guidance on things like planning, hardware, power and positioning.

3. Delivery & Aftercare

We have a nationwide network of reliable suppliers who can smoothly deliver and install your chosen charging set-up. We'll liaise with you to find the most convenient times, letting you know what you'll need before they arrive so you'll be earning from electric in no time.

Can we help?

If you’re not sure what stage you are at or you know exactly what you require; let us know and we’ll be in touch to discuss your next steps.  Alternatively, keep reading to find out more about our process.

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1. Introducing the EVC Opportunity

Contact: Once you make contact with us, our team will be on hand to answer any initial questions. We’ll need some information from you such as: footfall, customers, your plans and any info you have on the power supply.

“35% of people don’t have access to off-street parking at home and  need somewhere to charge their car or van”


2. Choosing the Right Technology Strategy

Suggestions: Once we have visited the site, we’ll then compile a report based on our findings which will give you some information about our suggestions. We’ll suggest equipment used, prices and installation costs which we intend to align to your own EV strategy. Right throughout the process our intention is to take away any worry and concern you may have.

“The correct EV strategy, taken across a portfolio of assets can enhance the value of the site, improve yields going forward and keep customers happy.”

– Bruce Galliford (CEO, RAW Charging)

Your Technology Strategy

Once we determine the intention and profile of your site, we set out ensuring we provide the most effective equipment for you. As industry experts, we work with principal partners to offer both home and commercial grade hardware for each portfolio. We understand you may have an internal strategy when it comes to owning your assets which is why our flexible ownership opportunities provide the perfect base to begin.

En Route

Help customers and staff back on the road when they need fast turnarounds. Maximise your revenues and provide high speed charging in busy locations near major roads.


EV drivers see all parking spaces as an opportunity to charge. Setting individual tariffs, you can provide an amenity for your employees or an offering for your customers.

In your home

Arrive home and plug in so you are ready for your next journey. Benefit from cheaper charging electricity while you sleep and make your daily routine more convenient.

Your Investment Strategy

The technical solutions we provide are not tied to specific business models and we can support businesses requiring a host, purchase or pay monthly plan.


Have all the benefits of our charging systems installed for free and earn a revenue share


Pay in full for the hardware, software, installation and ownership. Supplied with a 1/5 year software and care plan, it's yours to keep.

Pay Monthly

Make payments for the hardware, installation and the annual subscription in smaller monthly amounts.

Talk to us now

If you’re not sure which option is best for you, or you’d like to ask us some questions; let us know and we’ll be in touch.

3. Effortless Delivery & Aftercare

Install: Once we have the go ahead, we’ll take it from there! Using our trusted installers, we book in a date to break ground and before you know it your new EV chargers will be up and running.

Manage: Once they are ready to go, our team will provide a simple but helpful introduction to the software and talk you through our assure programme. Of course, we’ll always be on hand to help with any further questions you may have!

“We have a network of partners offering seamless, smooth and safe delivery”

Future Sites: Once you’re on our network, we love it when you come back to us to install at more of your portfolio of sites.

Reliable Hardware

We can customise each station to your specific requirements enabling the best solution for you, your employees or your customers.

Simplified with Software

The latest cloud-technology means you can control the fees and flow for your chargers from a fully personalised dashboard.

The Assure Care Plan

We're proud to say we offer the most comprehensive support, maintenance and warranty programme in the industry.

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