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Many of the UK’s largest retail destinations and property owners rely on the expertise of RAW Charging to fund, install and manage their EV charging facilities.

They’ve sought the help of RAW to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof their premises in line with the government’s regulation changes. These new requirements have been mandatory since June 2022 and require all commercial buildings with more than 20 car parking spaces to have at least one electric charge point.

Rapid Hubs

Rapid Hubs

Landlords must carefully plan a clear pathway to becoming a net zero in the interests of being forward-thinking and future-proofing their sites. Installing EV Charging is a vital step in any net zero carbon strategy, allowing companies to improve and shout about their sustainability practices and connect with communities.

With the help of an EV infrastructure leader such as RAW Charging, your portfolio can fully realise its potential, creating an efficient charging hub that will integrate into the community and create positive customer experiences – both presently and in the future.



The hospitality sector presents a prime location for EV charging facilities, providing customers and guests with dependable EV charging access whenever they need it, whether for a quick top-up or during an overnight stay.

RAW Charging help hospitality-based businesses realise and achieve the full potential of EV infrastructure, earning revenue from parking spaces on top of their rooms or facilities.

Discover how you can boost the appeal and income of your hotel, pub or golf club by clicking below.



RAW Charging is the go-to EV Charging partner for destinations in the leisure sector. From golf courses to theme parks, RAW understands the importance of visitor experience.

RAW works with Merlin Entertainments, to fund install and manage EV Charging across high footfall sites such as LEGOLAND, Aton Towers and Thorpe Park.

Who We Work With

RAW Charging is a leading supplier of electric vehicle charging infrastructure to many of the UK’s largest, industry leading property owners and organisations. Our customers choose to work with us because of our holistic approach to matching the correct EV technology to the respective use cases at any given location. Despite what other providers may say it is not a case of ‘one size fits all’. In fact, we view each and every postcode as it’s own business case.

RAW Charging - From Start To Finish

RAW Charging take care of every aspect of the EV charging process and provide a full turnkey, hands-off solution. Right from initial consultancy, projection analysis, and financial modelling, through to full surveys, planning, civils/electrical installations, and on-going asset management; we are end-to-end experts, giving partners comfort for the long-term.

1. Opportunity

We start with an initial discussion followed by a survey and search, to understand whether electric vehicle charging is right for you and what it could mean in terms of revenue.

2. Strategy

We make a strategic recommendation firstly on technology. We look at the number of chargers and the power capacity before suggesting what ownership option might suit you best.

3. Installation

Finally we can assure smooth and simple installation that gets you up and running quickly with minimal disruption.

Your Ownership Options

If your site has a high footfall, you may be the suitable for free installation as a RAW Host partner. Better still, you’ll receive a monthly revenue share which could be put towards anything you like.


• Hotel / restaurant with high footfall
• Receive a revenue share
• No management required from you

Pay Monthly

• Pay monthly across a 3-5 year lease
• Installation included across the lease
• Option to own the assets at the end

Full Purchase

• Own the asset and earn from it
• Our team provides training and support
• 24/7 service should anything go wrong

ESG - A future responsibility

Globally, road transportation accounts for over a fifth of greenhouse gas emissions. Concerns about the impacts of climate change have resulted in governments around the world setting targets to reduce those emissions.

Following the rapid advancement in lithium-ion battery technology and the decreasing cost of production, EVs now present an affordable and green method of private transport for the mass market. Fully electric cars cut greenhouse gas emissions in half- and more if you are charging with renewable electricity. This greatly improves air quality, particularly in urban environments.

Get In Touch

Got a question? If we can make the process any simpler for you, we’d love to pick up the phone and answer any question you may have.

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