Prepare your business for
electric vehicle charging.

We take care of every aspect of the business EV charging process and provide a full turnkey, hands-off
solution. Right from initial consultancy, projection analysis, and financial modelling,
through to full surveys, planning, civils/electrical installations, and on-going
asset management; we are end-to-end experts, giving your business
comfort for the long-term.

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RAW Charging are a leading supplier of EV charging infrastructure to many of the UK’s largest property owners and management organisations. By 2025, government regulations require non-residential buildings with more than 20 car parking spaces to have at least one electric vehicle charge point. Make sure you are prepared.

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Customers of pubs and guests of hotels can rely on venues providing EV for either a quick top-up, or during an overnight stay. RAW help business’ within the hospitality sector realise that they can earn from their parking spaces as well as their rooms.

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Property Agents & Facilities Managers

We’re well versed in working with property agents and facilities managers to consult, design and deliver EV charging projects for their landlord client. Since 2020, you are required to install EV charging when constructing new residential property. Is your portfolio prepared?

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M&E & Construction Firms

Increasingly, landlord mandates are advocating the installation of sustainable technologies such as EV charging, and often this is through M&E / construction firms managing refurbishment, development and new-build projects. We provide M&E and construction firms with an end-to-end offering, at any stage from initial consultancy on site design and use case requirements, through to site preparation guidance and full installation services.

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Whether you are a tenant sourcing EV charging for staff at your place of
work, for your fleet at your delivery depot, or for your restaurant
drive-thru; we can help you with the entire process. Be sure to increase customer dwell time as visitors spend while they charge.

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Drivers today can play a huge role in influencing the implementation of destination EV charging. Join our network today and ensure your workplace has you covered.

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