Prepare your business for
electric vehicle charging.

RAW Charging will take care of your business’s EV charging process from start to finish; we provide a hands-off, hassle-free solution, ensuring that your EV charging facilities are ready for immediate use.

RAW’s professional team is by your side from the initial consultation and projection analysis to conducting complete surveys, planning permissions and civils/electrical installations. Moreover, you’ll benefit from a working relationship with our specialists, who’ll provide you with ongoing asset management.

RAW Charging is the EV expert who’ll give your business seamless charging solutions and long-term peace of mind.
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Many of the UK’s largest property owners and management organisations rely on the expertise of RAW Charging to supply their EV charging facilities.

They’ve sought the help of RAW to stay ahead of the curve and future-proof their premises in line with the government’s regulation changes. These new requirements have been mandatory since June 2022 and require all commercial buildings with more than 20 car parking spaces to have at least one electric charge point.

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The hospitality sector presents a prime location for EV charging facilities, providing customers and guests with dependable EV charging access whenever they need it, whether for a quick top-up or during an overnight stay.

RAW Charging help hospitality-based businesses realise and achieve the full potential of EV infrastructure, earning revenue from parking spaces on top of their rooms or facilities.

Discover how you can boost the appeal and income of your hotel, pub or golf club by clicking below.

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Property Agents & Facilities Managers

RAW Charging has vast experience operating alongside property agents and facilities managers, working in tandem to deliver the consultation, design and implementation of their landlord client’s EV charging facilities.

Since 2020, government regulations require you to install EV charging when constructing new residential properties; are yours prepared? Click below to find out more about readying your property portfolio.

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M&E & Construction Firms

Landlord mandates advise installing sustainable technologies such as EV charging stations; this often occurs through M&E and construction firms who manage refurbishment, development and new-build projects.

RAW Charging provides these firms with complete EV charging solutions during any stage, from initial consultation to complete installation services. These businesses will also benefit from a working relationship with RAW’s experts, who are on hand to provide ongoing advice and management.

So if you’re interested in staying ahead of the curve and investing in RAW Charging’s expertise, click below.

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RAW Charging is on hand to help tenants source EV charging solutions for visitors to retail parks and business units. This addition will appeal to and benefit customers and staff alike. Whether implementing EV charging for a delivery depot’s fleet or customer EV charging for a busy restaurant drive-thru, RAW is by your side to help with the entire process. 

Investing in EV charging facilities will not only expand the appeal of your business with additional amenities, but it will also increase customer dwell time and potential revenue as visitors spend longer on-site while their electric vehicle charges. 

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A vital cog in the machine of the EV charging infrastructure, all drivers play a massive role in influencing the implementation of destination EV charging, providing critical feedback on where EV charging stations are needed.

RAW Charging is rapidly expanding our network across the United Kingdom, providing quick and dependable EV charging facilities to drivers everywhere. By joining RAW Charging’s ever-growing network, you’ll ensure that you and your workplace are covered; click below to find out more.

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