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Client Case Study: Segro Plc

A relationship which continues to grow, RAW works closely with SEGRO to provide comprehensive EV charging coverage across their portfolio of modern warehouses and light industrial property. With over 30 AC 22kW charging points installed across Segro sites over the past three years, Segro Plc make use of our Purchase ownership solution and therefore have full control of the assets. Part of our consultancy process means our team will always be on hand to support or provide advice to Segro throughout the ownership of the hardware.

Highlighted since the start of our relationship, we continue to work with Segro across their new and existing portfolio of sites as they continue to lead the way in the preparation for the ICE ban in 2030.

Oliver Werby, Director – Technical Director, Segro said: “With regulatory and legislative changes picking up momentum, particularly in Greater London we where own a large number of properties, we are placing an increasing focus on delivering lower carbon operations across our estates and for our customers”.