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EV Charging Hub Opens In Croydon Town Centre

RAW Charging has launched a brand new ultra-rapid electric vehicle charging hub in the heart of Croydon.

EV drivers in the area will now be able to charge their vehicles in as little as 30 minutes thanks to RAW Charging’s newest ChargeYard.

Located just off Waddon Marsh Way, next to Valley Retail Park, the new charging hub will offer an important EV charging resource to the people of Croydon including local businesses, taxi drivers and visitors to the area. The ChargeYard will deliver fast, accessible and affordable charging and will support an estimated 45% of EV drivers who are unable to charge their vehicle at home.

The new ChargeYard will feature four dual Alpitronic 150 kW chargers which will allow eight vehicles to charge simultaneously. The ultra-rapid DC chargers are suited to EV drivers looking to top up their charge whilst on the go, with an average charge time of 30-40 minutes for a full charge. Drivers are given the option to pay to charge through contactless debit and credit cards, a mobile app, or RFID cards.

RAW Charging is one of the UK’s leading providers of EV charging solutions and infrastructure. The Croydon ChargeYard is the latest addition to RAW’s charging infrastructure portfolio that stretches across London and the wider UK.
Bruce Galliford, RAW Charging CEO said: “The launch of our latest ChargeYard will provide a vital EV charging resource for the people of Croydon. Based in the town centre, the new location will be of great benefit to those who live and work in the area.”

RAW Charging is breathing new life into old and disused land, such as the Waddon Marsh Way plot, as part of its commitment to a sustainable future.

Mr Galliford added: “By converting previously disused land we are bringing sites back into use in a sustainable way while providing a crucial resource. “We hope increasing the availability of charging infrastructure will encourage more individuals to embrace electric vehicles as we move towards the UK’s net carbon zero future.”

RAW Charging is one of the UK’s largest EV charging solutions experts. Based in London, it provides motorists with a driver-friendly network of charging points around the UK and Europe.

The charging solution provider is rapidly expanding across the country as it works towards a carbon net zero future in the UK. The new Croydon ChargeYard is designed to support the growth of electric vehicle use ahead of the government ban on the production of all new diesel and petrol cars in 2030. This new charging infrastructure will offer miles of charging through a quick, convenient, and affordable solution.

The Croydon ChargeYard can be found on Waddon Marsh Way, adjacent to Valley Retail Park in Croydon. It is also accessible via Hesterman Way. The hub is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.