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Hospitality EV Charging: Improving Sustainability, Enhancing Guest Experience & Widening the Appeal of Hotels

With the aftermath of the pandemic mostly in our rearview mirror and restrictions lifted, the hotel sector is again beginning to boom. However, one lasting effect of COVID-19 is the change in people’s attitudes towards sustainability and our impact on the planet. 

Though a few years have passed, many hoteliers (both hotel chains and independent hotels) have yet to future-proof their business and capitalise on this dynamic shift with the addition of EV charging facilities. At the same time, some hoteliers adopted EV charging too early, installing older hardware that is now obsolete, no longer works and fails to generate any revenue for the site owner.

With a vast EV network stretching across the UK, state-of-the-art EV technology with the latest Government legislated contactless payment solutions and fruitful relationships with Bespoke Hotels, Exclusive Hotels and Greene King, among others, RAW Charging is best placed to offer its expertise on why EV charging for hospitality is a vital consideration for hoteliers. 


Why are EV charging facilities important for hotels?

Say that you visit a theme park for the day; you expect access to a range of snacks and refreshments, right? Or you attend a festival – but there are no bars available? These are facilities that people expect when they arrive at such a destination, and the same is true for hotels and EV charging stations.

With so many EVs now on UK roads (the one-millionth EV in the UK was registered in January 2024), hotel guests must have the means to charge their electric cars on-site with Destination Charging. Not having these facilities available could be the deciding factor between a potential guest choosing your hotel over the competition. At the same time, it will also positively impact your overall revenue come the end of the year.


Meeting the needs of your customers in a rapidly growing market 

Many hoteliers may have already felt the effects of being unable to offer EV charging to expectant guests, with so many hotels across the UK and Europe counting EV charging stations among their amenities. 

With the addition of charging for EVs, hotels can:


  • Cast your net further and attract new customers.

With hotel guests regularly travelling from far and wide, vehicle charging is a vital consideration. As mentioned earlier, providing EV charging facilities can easily be the deciding factor for potential guests choosing your destination over a competitor; this rings especially true for independent hotels in more remote areas, such as The Lake District and Scotland. 

Whether these guests pre-plan a visit by searching for hotels with EV charging facilities or locate suitable accommodation on the go with the help of their vehicle (and EV roaming), the addition of EV facilities will undoubtedly widen your business’ net and attract new customers.


  • Turn visiting guests into returning customers.

With a growing expectation that EV charging for hotels should be the norm in the hospitality sector, it makes perfect sense to keep up with the pace and future–proof your business now rather than later.

By cementing your site as a forward-thinking hotel with easy access to EV charging, you are likely to encourage a returning customer base and improve brand loyalty with the early implementation of charging stations. 


How can adding EV charging stations benefit your hotel?

Though attracting a new pool of customers is the primary and most apparent pull of hotel EV charging facilities, there are numerous other benefits to including charging stations among your amenities.


  • Generating a new stream of revenue

Whether you make your EV facilities available exclusively to hotel guests on a ‘charge while you stay’ basis or open up charging stations to the public, you will benefit from a lucrative revenue increase. 

The relationship between hotel rooms and charging bays makes perfect sense; guests can fully charge their vehicles overnight with peace of mind while they sleep. Moreover, if increased charge time is required, the likelihood of guests staying on-site and enjoying a meal while they wait will result in increased revenue. 

Of course, should the size of your site allow it, public EV charging is always beneficial; your charge stations will become visible on the public EV charging map, meaning drivers who were previously unaware of your location may now make it their destination. 


  • Appealing to a high-profit market sector

Many businesses include EV vehicles among their fleets and company cars; if your hotel can cater to these companies with EV charging facilities, your premises can quickly become a prime destination for company retreats, conferences and more. 

You can tap into this high-profit market by offering attractive packages and incentives for businesses and further increase your revenue.


  • Enhancing your brand

It is not just your facilities and revenue that will feel the positive impact of EV charging facilities – your brand will benefit, too. 

The addition of charging stations will increase the quality, efficiency, consistency and overall experience of your customers. With a package such as RAW’s Host Ownership option, you may even opt to offer free EV charging on-site for paying guests – with a further option for the public to pay as they charge. 

These factors are all significant for your brand, which can quickly gain a positive reputation in the local area for excellent amenities. Shouting about your EV charging stations in your marketing material, sharing with news sources or capitalising on PR marketing opportunities are further means of growing your brand. 


Sustainability in hotels and EV charging

Being a sustainable business is at the top of the tree when it comes to hot topics; many customers now prioritise eco-friendly companies, placing the environmentally conscious high on their must-haves when choosing a hotel. 

Meeting ESG guidelines (Environmental, Social and Governance), setting sustainability goals and introducing green initiatives are integral to modern businesses, with EVs seen as essential players in the fight against climate change. 

It is here where hoteliers can make a dramatic difference and become sustainability leaders.


Taking the next steps in combatting the environmental crisis with RAW Charging

In a hospitality sector that needs a shakeup, you can establish your hotel business and brand as a sustainability leader with the help of RAW. 

RAW Charging can aid you in standing out from the competition while changing the attitudes and standards of UK hotels at the same time, finding the right fit for you and overseeing things from start to finish with their consultancy process.

From initial discussions, planning, and strategy to delivery and aftercare, RAW offers fluid and stress-free installation with unparalleled expertise and knowledge of the EV sector. 

Thanks to their  Ownership Options, hoteliers can Purchase Upfront, Pay Monthly over three to five years or choose the popular Host Ownership

By forming a partnership with RAW, a leading operator in the hospitality sector, you will receive all hardware and software free of charge, benefit from free installation and ongoing management and receive a share of the revenue generated – an opportunity that has already capitalised on by clients including Exclusive Hotels and Greene King.

Are you a hotelier who is ready to take the next step? Contact RAW today for a free assessment of your premises or for further information.