EV Chargers For Hospitality:
Enhance your property and
earn a revenue stream

Customers of pubs and guests of hotels can rely on venues providing EV chargers for hospitality for either a quick
top-up, or during an overnight stay. RAW help business’ within the hospitality sector
realise that they can earn from their parking spaces as well as their rooms.

hotel ev charging


It's vital hoteliers understand that they have the ability to earn from their parking spaces as well as their rooms. In such a competitive market the 'EV Charging' filter is becoming evermore important on third party booking sites.


It's important for restaurants to identify how the rollout of EV charging can not only enhance your location, but also drive a new revenue stream for you.


Being able to charge your EV is becoming an expectancy for drivers visiting establishments such as pubs and bars. During a meal that lasts two hours, your customer vehicle could increase its charge by 50%.

Key Points The Hospitality Industry Should Consider


Of the UK's EV charging infrastructure is positioned at hotels


Of drivers rely on destination charging


EV's estimated to be on the European roads within a decade

Client Case Study: Greene King

Last year, we announced a nationwide collaboration with Greene King, the UK’s leading pub retailer and brewer, to provide EV Charging as a community service at their portfolio of sites. Utilising our host ownership option, we are in the process of funding, installing and operating the chargers for Greene King and within the next 24 months, 800 managed pubs and hotels will see the EV ports added to their locations.

“We’ve been working hard developing our sustainability plans as we continue to build a greener business. With more people buying electric cars in a bid to be more environmentally friendly, we want to support our customers who come to dine or stay with us by offering electric charging ports.” – Tony Hodgson, Head of Estates, Greene King,

RAW Charging & Sir James Devitt

Our team works closely with Sir James Devitt to ensure we understand the hospitality sector and get our solutions absolutely right for hotel owners and hotel operators.

Utilising his long experience as a property agent and advisor in the sector, James uses his connections to help us communicate our message to the industry.

To contact James to discuss EV Charging at your hospitality venue, please call: +44 (0) 7743 887 847

5 Key Questions The Hospitality Industry Often Ask Us...

Drivers have flexible options to pay for charging including RFID card, mobile app, calling customer support and contactless debit and credit cards.

RAW Charging undertake a desktop review in order to evaluate each individual site to discover the most suitable number of chargepoints to install. This will be discussed with the client, and is dependent on the estimated utilisation, facilities nearby and sites facilities.

Station owners are supported by our engineers who can fix many issues remotely. Should a charging station fail due to a manufacturing defect or accident, the ChargePoint Support team will rush to your site to repair or replace the station. ChargePoint® EV charging stations are the most advanced and reliable in the world. They are designed and built to last 10 years with an expected design life of over 12 years. However, site conditions can change, wear and tear can occur, and accidents or equipment failures can happen.

If you purchase the chargers outright, then it’s totally up to you. With RAW’s support, we can help you set up individual tariffs for certain user groups, or we can set up your charger as a free facility to all guests. The software makes it ultra flexible!

Depending on the hardware our team suggest, most likely the answer is yes. There are a few EVs out there which adopt slightly different connectors but the majority of visitors will be able to charge at your site without issue.

Your Ownership Options

If your site has a high footfall, you may be the suitable for free installation as a RAW Host partner.
Better still, you’ll receive a monthly revenue share which could be put towards anything you like.


- Own a hotel or restaurant with high footfall
- Receive a revenue share
- No management required from you


- Own the asset and earn from it
- Our team provides training and support
- 24/7 service should anything go wrong

Pay Monthly

- Pay monthly across a 3-5 year lease
- Installation included across the lease
- Option to own the assets at the end

Request A Free Site Survey

Once you’ve filled out the form and requested a free site survey we can check if we’ve got the right solution for you.
Then we’ll be in touch to explain the installation costs and everything else you need to know about the EV charge point.


Get in touch with us to talk about and understand the EV charging requirements across your sites

EV Chargers For Hospitality