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Why Should Hospitality & Leisure-based Businesses Maximise Their Grid Connection?

Proximity to a power supply is often a point of contention for those looking to upgrade their infrastructure, an issue that can be challenging and expensive. Thankfully, with the rapid developments in EV technology, the boom in EV ownership and the subsequent need for a reliable EV charging infrastructure, there are solutions. 

In a bid to keep improving EV drivers’ access to charging facilities, particularly in more remote areas, charging networks are offering landowners the opportunity to make the most of their grid connections. 

RAW Charging is the expert in EV infrastructure, with a fast-growing network of EV charge points countrywide and major contracts with some of leisure and hospitality’s biggest names, including McArthurGlen, Greene King, Exclusive Hotels, The National Trust and Merlin Entertainments (Thorpe Park, Chessington World of Adventures, Alton Towers, Warwick Castle and LEGOLAND® Windsor). 

The RAW team have shared some critical points on how and why businesses in the hospitality and leisure sectors should make the most of their grid connection. 


The problem with power supplies.

As mentioned earlier, a power supply can be the first significant hurdle when upgrading or extending your site. Thankfully, during RAW’s site assessment, one of the first ports of call is determining your proximity to a suitable power supply; simply contact RAW for an initial review and set up your survey. 

Remote or underdeveloped areas can be particularly tricky, given that access to a grid connection can be limited. Installing or upgrading this grid connection requires technical expertise, lengthy time windows and high associated costs of tens of thousands of pounds. 

Thankfully, site owners can avoid the hassle and fees by partnering with a charge point operator and a leading force in the EV charging infrastructure, such as RAW Charging. 


How RAW Charging can help with your grid connection. 

With RAW’s help and the right Ownership Option, businesses will benefit from the team’s wealth of experience, industry knowledge, technical expertise and dependable, industry-leading charge points. 

Working with RAW will also mean: 

  • Grid connections are covered
  • Legal negotiations are taken care of
  • Planning permissions are obtained

With RAW’s Host Ownership, the entire installation and equipment come at no cost to the site owner, as well as ongoing maintenance and a share of the revenue from each site. 

Landowners can enjoy a stress-free process and efficient power delivery to their site thanks to RAW’s dedicated team of industry experts, vast network, streamlined processes, and relationships with District Network Operators (DNOs). 


How maximising your grid connection will benefit and future-proof your business.

As well as the revenue share mentioned above, the installation of EV charging facilities will also: 

  • Increase footfall to the site 
  • Increase dwell time, resulting in additional revenue
  • Improve ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) credentials
  • Benefit from surplus power to the site, leaving room for upgrades
  • Established DNO connections allow for future development and expansion


Transform your site today with the help of RAW Charging.

If you’re a landowner who’d like help getting the most out of their grid connection and safeguarding the future of your business, contact the team for a free site assessment, and they’ll guide you through RAW’s processes and Ownership Options.