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Working with RAW Charging: The Exclusive EV Charging Partner for the Hospitality Industry’s Leading Events

RAW Charging, a true leader in the UK’s EV charging infrastructure, is known for implementing its state-of-the-art Destination EV Charging facilities across various sectors. Partnerships with industry giants like Abrdn and Aviva have resulted in building economical and sustainable Rapid EV Charging Hubs.

Given RAW’s wealth of expertise and experience, particularly in the Hospitality sector, it is no surprise that the company is the exclusive EV Charging Partner for The AA Hotel & Hospitality Awards at Grosvenor House in London and The Annual Hospitality Conference in Manchester.

Each year, the latter hospitality conference takes place at Manchester Central Convention Centre, hosting over 1,000 delegates. With 90 high-profile industry speakers sharing their vision and insights, it is the perfect place to educate, network, and invest in the hospitality industry.


RAW Charging’s role at The AHC

As the exclusive partner at The Annual Hospitality Conference, RAW Charging plays a pivotal role in sharing its wealth of expertise within the hospitality sector. Its insights and know-how regarding achieving net zero, widening the appeal of hotels, and enhancing guest experience are invaluable.

RAW Charging will host a sponsored drinks event on the first evening of the conference. This event will provide attendees with a fantastic chance to get to know the RAW team, collect RAW-branded merchandise, and gain intimate one-on-one knowledge.

RAW’s CEO, Jason Simpson, works closely with The AHC and has a place on the advisory board. As the only EV charging supplier at the event, RAW Charging’s speaker slot presents an excellent opportunity for hoteliers and partners to benefit from the company’s unique perspective on green hospitality and learn how you can future-proof your business.

Jason says, “We are delighted to partner with The AHC for 2024. Having been a General Manager myself in the past, I know how important guest satisfaction is. For EV drivers to have a good night’s sleep, they need a great bed and the security that their car will be fully charged when they wake up in the morning.”

He continues, “By providing fully funded solutions with best-in-class technology and turnkey installation, we make sure that the hotel’s team also gets a great night’s sleep.”


How working with RAW Charging will benefit hospitality-based businesses.

Whether you are a franchise brand, hotel owner, hotel operator, or hospitality advisor, there are many fantastic opportunities to build a relationship with RAW. 

Times are tough for many in the hospitality industry, whether due to debts, high costs, interest rates, or ongoing conflicts affecting the tourist industry. This factor highlights the importance of becoming a forward-thinking business with an eco-friendly USP in EV charging facilities. 

By working alongside RAW Charging, hoteliers have the best possible opportunity to boost their sustainability efforts and strengthen their ESG credentials, two integral aspects in modern hospitality that many potential guests actively look for when searching for accommodation. 

This all amounts to superior guest satisfaction, a factor paramount to any hospitality business. In addition to this element, by investing in EV charging, hotels have a valuable opportunity to build their brand, positively impact brand association, and promote eco-friendly facilities compared to their competition. 

Whether you are a large hotel group with hundreds of UK hotels or an independent hotel, sustainability and ESG should be at the forefront of your business strategy. 


Increasing guest satisfaction with RAW Charging.

With the help of RAW’s extensive EV network, state-of-the-art EV charging stations, ongoing maintenance and aftercare and their team’s invaluable experience and expertise, the Yorkshire-based company is best positioned to help hoteliers improve guest satisfaction through forward-thinking EV charging facilities.

RAW Charging can: 

  • Improve ESG credentials
  • Increase the asset value of your site
  • Provide an additional source of revenue 
  • Appeal to a lucrative, ever-growing market of EV drivers

As a RAW Host Partner, hospitality businesses will benefit from a fully funded EV installation that incorporates all hardware and software, training and support, and a 24/7 help service. 

All this means a hassle-free, turnkey process that allows hoteliers to focus on marketing their new EV facilities and attracting a new pool of guests.


If you are attending The Annual Hospitality Conference or The AA Hotel & Hospitality Awards, please stop by and say hello to the RAW Charging team. They would love to sit down over a coffee and explain more about our services. 

If you would like to receive more information and a free site assessment, contact the RAW team to take your first steps into green hospitality.