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EV Charging At Golf Clubs: How The Leisure Sector Is Perfect For EV Adoption

Golf is huge worldwide; in fact, it’s a £55 billion industry. Another booming billion-pound industry is the EV market; combine the two, and it’s clear that there’s a direct correlation between the age and demographic groups of EV drivers and golfers.

Research has shown that most EV buyers are the so-called ‘baby boomer generation’, aged between the mid-50s to mid-70s. Similarly, the average age of golfers is mid-50s upwards, given that golf is widely enjoyed by retired or semi-retired people.

With this in mind, it’s easy to see how there is a fantastic opportunity for clubs and leisure centres across the country to capitalise. 

The RAW Charging team has looked at how the leisure industry, and golf clubs in particular, are primed for EV adoption and future-proofing their sites. 


Why are EV charge points lacking in golf clubs?

Given the similarities mentioned above between the demographics of the two markets, it was anticipated that the adoption of EV charging facilities made perfect sense, therefore, would be seamless. 

Unfortunately, this hasn’t been the case, with Golf Today reporting that Scottish Golf announced a partnership to introduce 1,000 charging points to many of its 586 affiliated clubs. The first was to be Crail Golfing Society; however, around four years on, this scheme was seemingly abandoned some way short of the proposed 1,000 charging points target.

The blame was aimed at the COVID-19 pandemic, funding issues and a lack of knowledge about the sector – factors that are echoed by clubs across the country. However, with the partnership, infrastructure, connections and expertise of companies such as RAW Charging, golf clubs can bypass many of these problems.


Why are golf clubs perfectly placed to welcome EV charge point installation?

Considering that golf clubs are generally found in more rural and remote locations, proximity to adequate power supply for rapid charging can be a significant obstacle. 

Thankfully, fast DC charging isn’t generally required at a golf club. A game of golf takes around four hours on average, meaning there’s ample time for players to use AC power and Destination Charging to recharge their vehicle while they enjoy a round. 

Most golf clubs already have the necessary ‘3-phase power’ available to install the likes of RAW’s 22kW CP6121 and CP6321 charge points, meaning installation can be effectively carried out, and charge points can be on-site and in use within an impressive timeframe. 



How does destination charging benefit golf clubs?

With the previously mentioned similarities in demographic, it makes sense that installing EV charge points on-site at a golf club will draw in more players, encouraging increased membership and widening the club’s appeal. 

However, there are plenty more advantages to installing destination charging, including: 

  • Environmental advantages & sustainability – By installing EV charging facilities, golf clubs will demonstrate their commitment to reducing carbon emissions and environmental sustainability.
  • Reduced noise & pollution – With the environmental pros mentioned above also comes reduced noise and pollution. Given that golf courses are places of outstanding natural beauty and should evoke a sense of relaxation and enjoyment, encouraging EVs on-site is a massive advantage.
  • Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) – Golf clubs with EV charging facilities on their premises will drastically widen their appeal to many businesses and corporate groups that prioritise public image. Sustainable venues make the perfect place for events, whether impressing clientele or enjoying team-building activities.
  • Increased revenue – Companies such as RAW Charging offer a Host Ownership option, which not only means all installation and technology are free, but the golf club itself will also benefit from ongoing maintenance and a share of the revenue.
  • Future-proofing the premises – The number of EVs on UK roads is only set to increase; by installing EV charging facilities, your site will encourage cleaner transportation and stay one step ahead of government policies and, of course, other clubs in the local area.

    Having this infrastructure in place ahead of the competition will signal that your golf club is forward-thinking, environmentally conscious and accommodating to golfers with electric vehicles. 


How can RAW Charging help to implement an EV infrastructure for your golf club?

RAW Charging has a wealth of industry knowledge and experience, offering turnkey solutions for businesses across leisure, hospitality and beyond. 

The RAW team have successfully implemented EV facilities for significant clientele, including McArthurGlen, Greene King, Exclusive Hotels and Merlin Entertainments

By partnering with RAW, golf clubs and leisure-based businesses will benefit from unparalleled industry knowledge, a wealth of experience and expertise, plus the industry’s leading technology and hassle-free installation. 

RAW’s Host Ownership takes care of the following: 

  • All legal negotiations and planning permissions 
  • Installation and management of chargers and zero cost
  • Ongoing maintenance of hardware and software systems at no cost
  • Providing golf club owners with a share of the revenue earnt

If you’re interested in introducing EV charging to your club, explore RAW’s complete offering of Ownership Options and contact the team for a free online site assessment.