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Fleet Calculator: How much could you save by switching your fleet to EV?

From concept to scale, RAW Charging’s fleet solution includes everything fleets need to make the jump from combustion engine to electricity. We understand it can be a daunting task, but our team is in position to support you from planning right through to installation. Fleet managers are becoming increasingly aware that making the switch is something that is required within the coming years so being EV prepared for the future can be a vital part of your ESG strategy.

Our fleet management software combined with ChargePoint’s AC and DC fast charging solutions enable you to balance charging costs with operational readiness for light- to heavy-duty vehicles across your depots, when your drivers are en-route and similarly when they are charging at home.

World leading hardware, combined with RAW’s ongoing support and maintenance means we can guarantee maximum uptime for essential re-charging to keep your fleet on the road.  Why not work out the potential swap over cost here: COST TO GO EV  before reaching out to our team to discuss the infrastructure process.

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