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Press: Jumptech partners with RAW Charging to support its expansion plans

Following their recent investment, RAW Charging, one of the largest UK providers of electric vehicle charging solutions,  is gearing up its systems and processes to accelerate the rollout of its destination chargers throughout the UK. Jumptech enables RAW Charging to increase install volumes with their partners whilst maintaining visibility of the status of each project, and ensuring they receive a detailed completion report summarising the charge point installation, which is automatically generated by the platform. 


Jumptech’s mobile app will ensure the engineers have access to all the information they need to perform the installation to RAW’s required standards and all details, photographs and documentation will be passed back in real time to RAW Charging once the charge point is made operational. 


Bruce Galliford, CEO, RAW Charging commented, “Jumptech enables us to rapidly scale up our processes as it has been designed specifically for charge point maintenance and installations. It’s the perfect tool to streamline our expansion”.


Jumptech founder, Phil Nunn added, “We’re looking forward to supporting the team at RAW Charging as they provide the destination charging at scale essential for the ever increasing adoption of electric vehicles.”