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RAW Charging offers free charging across network to celebrate World EV Day 

To celebrate world EV Day, here are RAW Charging, we are offering all EV drivers the chance to charge for free across our network on Friday 9th September!

The network*, which includes popular sites such as McArthurGlen outlet in York and Cheshire Oaks, Greene King pubs across the UK and the Slough Charge Yard will all offer free charging for drivers on the 9th! Free charging will begin at 12:01am on Friday 9 September and normal fees will resume at 23:59pm on the same day. There will be a mix of fast AC and DC Ultra Rapid chargers available for customers to use across RAW’s sites in the UK and the free charging will be available through the ChargePoint app or by using an RFID card**.


So which locations qualify for free charging? Here are some popular places you could visit:


As energy prices increase across the UK, RAW wants to celebrate World EV Day by giving all drivers the chance to charge up for free across the UK. With an estimated 45% of drivers needing to charge their EV’s away from home, RAW understands the importance of destination charging, offering some of the lowest charging costs in the industry. As a driver friendly network, RAW continues to work with businesses across the UK to deliver destination charging to help aid the transition to EVs ahead of the government ban of new diesel and petrol cars in 2030.

RAW has recently launched charging facilities at the McArthurGlen Designer Outlet York and has announced plans for a new ChargeYard in Oxford as part of a sponsorship with Oxford City Football Club. RAW has also launched the Charge Yard facility in Slough and is exclusively working with Greene King to install EV Charging across their sites in the UK. RAW works with a variety of businesses looking to offer EV charging and looks to continue delivering destination charging across the UK and Europe.

Bruce Galliford, CEO, RAW Charging, said:

“We’d like to celebrate World EV Day by giving back to the EV drivers of the UK. We try and keep our charging rates down across the UK and we’d like to thank our customers by offering free AC and DC charging on 9 September 2022. We look forward to continuing our rollout of destination charging across the UK and Europe to help aide the transition to EVs.”

*The network refers to chargers that are owned and operated by RAW Charging. If a charger is still displaying a price within the free time zone referenced, then this charger is privately owned and does not qualify for free charging.

**please note, contactless debit/credit card will not support free charging and in using this method, you will still be charged. To benefit from free charging, please download the ChargePoint App or use your RFID card.