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RAW Charging partners with Utility Aid

RAW Charging, the go-to electric vehicle chargepoint operator for the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors, is pleased to announce a new partnership with Utility Aid, the leading energy broker in the not-for-profit sector, as the installer and operator of electric vehicle (“EV”) charging for Utility Aid’s customers including museums, botanical gardens and zoos.


  • RAW Charging and Utility Aid will work together to assist customers with their EV charging needs providing varying options ranging from fully funded, partially funded or purchasing outright.
  • Organisations installing RAW’s hosting charging ports will receive cash-back incentives based on usage by the public.

The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders are calling for a surge in EV charger installations, and RAW is leading the charge. RAW has an extensive charging network including at National Trust venues, McArthurGlen shopping outlets, Greene King pubs as well as the new partnership with Utility Aid. As 2023 progresses, the UK is poised to rely more heavily on destination charging, offering drivers a convenient, cost-effective, and dependable means to recharge while away from home. RAW’s partnership with Utility Aid will continue to enable a sustainable and electrified future.

Utility Aid supports a diverse range of organisations daily, spanning from zoos, churches to museums and schools. Given the varying needs of these entities, a personalised approach is adopted, offering tailored packages to cater to each one’s specific requirements.

RAW’s partnership with Utility Aid will help their customers, who are actively seeking ways to enhance energy efficiency and embark on the journey towards achieving Net Zero. The free installation of reliable and easy to use charging infrastructure will support Utility Aid’s customers as the UK becomes more reliant on destination charging which is a convenient, affordable and reliable way for drivers to charge up whilst away from home.

Jason Simpson, CEO, RAW Charging, said:

“We believe that true impact is achieved through meaningful partnerships. In Utility Aid, we’ve found a like-minded organisation that shares our passion for sustainability and genuine care for our communities. We’re honored to join hands with them and extend our services to their esteemed clientele. Together, we’re confident in our ability to drive positive change and lead the way in sustainable energy solutions.”


Giles Hankinson, CEO, Utility Aid said:

“As an ethical organisation, we are very particular about who we partner with. We will only work with organisations who are like-minded and genuinely care. We feel very privileged to have found an organisation that shares our values and would happily recommend them to our customers. RAW Charging are truly experts in their field and we trust them to look after our customers in the same way we would, providing no less than excellent customer service.”