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EV Cost: How to Save Money & Change Your Charging Habits

As the cost of living crisis grips the UK, all motorists are looking at means to reduce their outgoings and alleviate the stresses of expenditure. 

Managing how and what you spend is arguably much easier for EV drivers than owners of petrol and diesel vehicles; thanks to fluctuating fuel prices, it can be far cheaper to drive an EV, provided you choose the right network. 

RAW Charging has compiled a list of cost-saving considerations to help EV owners reduce their spending on EV running costs.


Changing your EV charging habits.

Exactly when you charge your electric vehicle can make a massive difference to how much you spend to keep your car fully charged and roadworthy. 

RAW recommends avoiding a daytime charge of your EV; instead, you take advantage of off-peak EV charging. Charging your vehicle overnight will replenish battery levels when energy is at its cheapest, given that you own a suitable smart charger and not a cheaper or outdated model. 


Save money and preserve your EV battery with the 80-20 rule.

The 80-20 rule is regarded as the best practice for reducing costs and increasing the longevity of EV batteries. The tactic here is to take your vehicle off charge once it reaches 80% and avoid letting the vehicle drop below 20% charge.

Allowing the EV battery to run lower than 20% and charging to 100% will, over time, put extra stress on the battery and reduce its lifespan. What’s more, the 80-20 rule will increase charging efficiency; charging slows the more prolonged the vehicle is plugged in. 

For example, with a rapid DC charger, reaching 80% capacity can take just 20-30 minutes; however, the final 20% will take just as long. 


Take into account these EV driving tips.

Another means of saving money is to be mindful of your driving. By adhering to RAW Charging’s EV driving tips, motorists can reduce the EV cost of ownership and the frequency at which they charge their vehicles. 

  • Avoid excessive acceleration – Accelerating erratically will increase an EV’s energy consumption. The battery life will last longer the smoother you drive.
  • Brake gently – Harsh braking will deplete the EV’s battery quicker. Some vehicles will have regenerative braking as a feature; however, this only converts some (not all) of the energy produced by braking into electricity.
  • Drive carefully – According to What Car, efficient driving can reduce battery consumption by 15%. In addition, EVs perform far more efficiently when driven smoothly and maintain constant speed where possible.
  • Check tire pressure levels – As with ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles, deflated tires can significantly impact EV energy consumption. You should check tire pressure levels once a month and every time you’re about to take a long journey.
  • Heating and air conditioning usage – Again, like ICE vehicles, using your EV’s heating or AC will deplete the vehicle’s battery quicker. Drivers can save on energy by avoiding using these features unless necessary.
  • Monitor your battery level – It’s all too easy to forget to keep an eye on battery levels while on a journey. As mentioned above, try to adhere to the 80-20 rule to save on expenses and extend the life of your EV battery.
  • Plan your journey – The last thing any EV driver wants is to run out of charge mid-trip or spend money charging where it’s unnecessary. So by planning your trip and determining En-Route or Destination Charging options, you’ll ensure you get from A to B safely and cost-effectively. 


Plan your route and maximise your EV’s efficiency. 

With any change in habits and economical driving, it’s vital that you plan your journey. Are you charging because you’ve stopped? Or have you stopped because you’re charging? 

Destination charging is critical to achieving a reliable and affordable journey with your EV. With the help of RAW Charging, all destinations will have dependable charging, making cost-saving efficient and stress-free. 

If you have a site that you believe would be suitable for destination EV charging, why not become part of RAW Charging’s expanding network? Should your location meet the criteria, RAW will likely fund the facilities for free; a Host Ownership option includes equipment, installation, ongoing management and a revenue share.

If you are interested in offering EV charging, please contact the team for a site assessment. 


For more tips and advice on EV charging, browse the RAW Charging News page.