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A Base Understanding of EV Charging Point Installation

RAW Charging is among the EV charging industry’s leading companies. They are an important part of the UK’s EV infrastructure and adept at providing fully-funded EV installation across multiple sectors. This means RAW is best positioned to offer information and advice on installation and which charging solutions might best suit your needs. 

Below, we’ll look at the different EV facilities available and the various steps involved in the installation process. 

Different types of EV chargers.

Various EV charging technologies are available to cater to different environments and requirements. 

With the number of EVs on the road exponentially increasing year on year and subsequently influencing the growth of the EV charging infrastructure, there are numerous types of EV charging facilities to consider:

  • Destination charging: Destination chargers allow EV drivers to charge once they reach a specific location, e.g. a shopping centre, pub, restaurant, health club or hotel. This type of charging typically involves AC charging.

    AC, or Alternating Current, is transferred via power lines, where the electric current can be transmitted over long distances with minimal loss. The power obtained from the National Grid is always AC, making this the most common means of charging an EV.

    Though widespread (and therefore cheaper), AC chargers are slower when compared to DC. AC charging power varies from 1kW up to 22kW, with overall charge times changing depending on the type of battery.

    Whether this charging period is during a two-hour stay or overnight, RAW offers various hardware to suit your needs.

  • En route charging: En route charging allows for quick top-ups and a fast turnaround with rapid charging should a driver require EV charging facilities during their journey.

    En-route charging is typically DC charging (should a location facilitate them), and RAW’s roster of charging options can allow EV drivers to top-up to a range of 100 miles in ten minutes or less.

    DC (Direct Current) charging power output varies from 50kW up to 350kW; these charge times will vary on the specific battery model, but a full charge can take as little as 30 minutes.

  • Home charging: Charging your EV at home offers the ultimate in convenience and is also cost-effective. With government schemes available, home charging allows EV drivers to charge their vehicles as they sleep.


The EV installation process.

RAW’s installation process will begin with determining three integral factors to find the ideal EV charging facilities for a specific site. 

These factors include:

  • Opportunity: It’s essential to determine the opportunity of a location by exploring what outcome site owners, landlords or tenants want from their EV charging facilities. RAW’s team will discuss the wants and needs before surveying to find the perfect EVC plan.

RAW Charging’s experts will strategise this plan using footfall techniques, assessing your site’s revenue opportunity by studying the volume of EVs in the area to determine how much your destination could earn by becoming a RAW host partner.

  • Strategy: Once a client’s opportunity has been assessed, the RAW team decide which technology best suits your site and which ownership option fits your needs and business model. RAW handles all aspects of strategising, from planning and hardware to power and positioning.

  • Delivery & aftercare: RAW’s position as a CPO (Charge Point Operator) means that clients can take advantage of a nationwide network of trusted suppliers to deliver and install their EV facilities. Once established, these locations will also benefit from RAW’s ongoing expert aftercare. 


The steps involved in EV installation.

RAW Charging can install EV charge stations in several ways; however, this will depend on certain factors that the RAW team will assess and consider, including location, power supply and the number of charging ports required. 

Here’s a rundown of some of the steps involved in this process: 

  • Site survey: Before installation can begin, a site survey must be conducted to assess the location’s viability for charging stations. RAW will consider factors such as the power supply, parking area and accessibility to traffic during the survey. If you’re a commercial client, details, including footfall and customers, will also be required.

  • Permits: Much like any building and installation work, EV installation involves permits, and plenty of T’s and I’s are to be crossed and dotted. These permissions will depend on the location and local regulations, but happily, RAW looks after the entire planning process.

  • Power supply: Some sites will have an existing power supply that will be adequate. However, If a location’s power supply is lacking, an upgrade that involves adding new transformers or increasing the power supply’s capacity may be required.

  • Installation: As soon as permits have been acquired and power supplies have been okayed, RAW Charging can install the EV charging stations. Typically these will be mounted on a wall or placed in a free-standing unit.
    Of course, RAW’s team will oversee the installation from start to finish, ensuring that site safety and quality checks are paramount.

  • Activation: After thorough testing to ensure the stations are safe and fully functioning, RAW can activate the charging station, making it operational and ready for EV drivers.

  • Revenue: As well as the aftercare and support mentioned above, with RAW Charging, you’ll also earn a share of revenue following your EV installation. RAW eliminates common concerns, such as capital outlay and hardware maintenance, making installation stress-free. As soon as your EV chargers are in use, you’re ready to start earning from your destination.

EV installation is a complex process that requires careful planning, expertise and ongoing aftercare from experienced professionals, factors taken care of by RAW Charging. 

If you’re interested in installing EV charging facilities at your location, please browse RAW’s Ownership Options to explore which purchasing model suits your needs, and contact the team to have your site assessed.