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ChargeYard Client Case Study:- Turning a derelict site into a yielding asset

A disused, derelict site in the heart of a town centre in 2021. The sensible option? Redeveloping this derelict site to deliver the first, town centre, Electric Vehicle Charging Hub. This is exactly what RAW Charging helped this client achieve.

Due to its close location to a town centre and connection to the motorway, this client wanted to establish the feasibility of an EV charging hub on a constricted site. Clearing a parcel of land located next to their seven-storey office, the development potential of the site was initially limited due to the size, proximity of neighbouring development, and the need to achieve a viable use.

In completing the planning, construction and delivery of the first in the area, they said: “We hope that this pioneering EV charging hub in the town centre is the stimulus for many more of its kind”

The scheme is far from a traditional petrol filling station, but is instead a state-of-the-art, modern charging hub. The key benefits of the development are:

  • Publicly Accessible EV Charging
    The development will be open 24 hours, 7 days a week to the public. This scheme seeks to encourage local residents and workers to transfer from combustion to electric engines due to the knowledge that there is a nearby charging hub.
  • Bringing a vacant site back into sustainable use
    The town centre brownfield site will be reinstated back into sustainable use. The EV Charging Hub is a facility that promotes environmental sustainability through the facility to support electric vehicles which in turn reduces the CO2 emissions compared to commonly used combustion engines..
  • Landscape improvements and site frontage
    The proposal provides improved landscaping on the site boundary which consequently will enhance the appearance of the currently derelict site and improve the biodiversity compared to the existing site.

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