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Five Important Considerations for Fleet EV Charging

With commercial vehicles recognised as one of the fastest-growing areas in EV sales, it’s no surprise that many businesses are looking to switch their fleet to EVs, leaving behind the ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles of years gone by.

Many are attracted by the comparatively low maintenance costs versus an ICE vehicle fleet; others will recognise the monetary advantage of an EV in low-emission zones. Whatever the reasoning behind the inevitable transition to EVs, the ever-growing range of vehicle models means that finding the right fit for your business needs is easier than ever.

Of course, with an increased choice of vehicle and the number of EVs on the road rapidly growing, there comes the need for reliable infrastructure. RAW Charging is at the forefront of this infrastructure, providing businesses with reliable, fast and affordable Destination and En-Route Charging solutions to keep your fleet moving.

Below, we’ve addressed five factors to consider when preparing your business and premises for EV fleet charging.


EV Charging fleet services and key requirements.

To achieve fluid and dependable fleet EV charging, you must ensure the following requirements are in place.


  1. Reliable charging solutions.

An essential factor for any business fleet is reliability. Whether you are tradespeople or involved in transporting goods, businesses of all shapes and sizes rely on a dependable and speedy response.

Without this in place, customer service will suffer, inevitably impacting the public perception of your business and potentially hampering future trade.

RAW Charging works alongside businesses to determine the best charging technology and Ownership Options for their model.


  1. Fast charging for fleets.

Efficiency and speed of service are vital for fleets that must adhere to strict vehicle schedules and busy routes.

The simplest way to achieve this is by ensuring you choose the right technology for your business; DC charging will allow for a quick top-up, with a quick charge of 10 minutes or less granting fleet vehicles an impressive 100 miles of range. You can find this type of charging in RAW’s En Route technology, which is strategically placed in key locations.

Importantly, your fleet should also have access to Destination technology, be that at an office space, warehouse or depot. This AC charging is ideal for vehicles that may charge over several hours during servicing and loading or charging overnight, ready for the following day.


  1. Accessibility for larger vehicles.

Charging facilities that cater to businesses must be conscious of accessibility, particularly regarding large fleets with varying sizes of commercial vehicles.

Fleet EV charging will likely require larger-sized bays and extended charging cables that allow easy access and fuss-free charging for more substantially sized commercial fleet vehicles.


  1. Straightforward payment options and support.

Many businesses will offer free destination charging at their premises, but for fleets on the move, it is essential that paying for electricity is simple, stress-free and quick.

The world-leading technology in RAW Charging’s Alpitronic charging hubs offers future-proof fast charging within a compact, easy-to-use design. With contactless payment and a remote monitoring and support system, drivers can pay for their charge in a flash and receive 24/7 multilingual assistance if necessary.


  1. Billing and ownership packages that suit your business model.

Given the vast range of EV fleets across many sectors, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for businesses.

Companies like RAW Charging provide technical solutions, planning and support throughout your project, taking care of your needs from start to finish.


RAW offers three ownership options:


  • Host Ownership is the most popular. With RAW hosting your facilities, you’ll be free from any management stresses, additional expenses or installation costs. What’s more, you will also receive a revenue share.

To find out whether your site qualifies for RAW’s Host Ownership option, contact us and fill out the form for a free site survey.


  • Direct Purchase of EV charging facilities means you will own the assets outright; this is particularly useful for sites that don’t qualify for RAW’s hosting option.

However, businesses will still benefit from training from RAW’s expert team and 24/7 support if anything goes wrong.


  • Pay Monthly allows businesses to lease EV charging hardware from RAW, with the option to own the assets outright at the end of the contract.

Monthly payments are taken over three or five years, with installation included in your fee.


RAW Charging is changing the public charging infrastructure for fleets.

Thanks to RAW’s Ownership Options mentioned above and versatile payment solutions, it has never been easier for companies to future-proof their business and introduce forward-thinking, cost-efficient EVs into their fleet.

Whether you’re slowly transitioning from ICE to EV and phasing out fossil fuels or making a complete switch, RAW Charging is on hand to provide you with trusted expertise, infrastructure access and dependable, state-of-the-art charging technology – all in a package that best suits your business model.

For your assessment and further information, please contact RAW Charging today.