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The Importance of EV Charging at Leisure Attractions

Electric vehicles aren’t just the future – they are the present. With the increasing popularity of EVs and so many electric cars flocking to theme parks and zoos across the country, leisure attractions are of enormous importance in the infrastructure. Ensuring they cater to EV-driving families with stress-free EV charging facilities and provide a fantastic customer experience is a must. 

RAW Charging is an integral part of this EV infrastructure, enjoying an exclusive partnership with Merlin Entertainments (Alton Towers, Thorpe Park, LEGOLAND® Windsor, Chessington World of Adventures). The RAW team has looked at why leisure-based EV charging is so important, and some locations currently offer dependable EV charging. 



Why are EV charging facilities important in leisure parks?

Given the pressures placed on large companies to up their efforts in the fight against global warming, as well as societal and environmental trends, EV charging offers many benefits to leisure attractions.


  1. Enhance customer experience.

    • Convenience is key, and by offering EV charging facilities, visitors can confidently and conveniently charge their vehicles during their stay. In turn, these facilities will cast the net further, drawing in eco-conscious visitors who may prioritise sustainable amenities and reduce their carbon footprint.


  1. Environmental responsibility and sustainability.


    • EVs produce less greenhouse gases than ICE (Internal Combustion Engine) vehicles; by offering EV facilities, companies will encourage more EV drivers to visit leisure parks, up their efforts to combat climate change and showcase their environmental sustainability. 


  1. Positive public image.


    • Public opinion is everything for large companies; falling out of favour can quickly spell disaster for visitors and finances. EV charging facilities demonstrate that leisure attractions are forward-thinking, care about the environment and are committed to sustainability. 


  1. Benefit staff as well as visitors. 


    • Many theme park and zoo employees will (or may wish to) drive an EV. By providing charging facilities, you will cater to staff’s needs, ensuring their vehicle is fully charged and ready to get them home safely at the end of their shift. Moreover, EV charging facilities will increase your appeal when hiring staff. 


  1. Revenue stream.


    • With Ownership Options such as RAW Charging’s Host Ownership, zoos and theme parks can earn a potentially lucrative stream of additional revenue on top of admission fees, refreshments and merchandise. RAW will install, manage and maintain the EV charging hardware and software free of charge, sharing the revenue generated. 

Which leisure attractions have EV charging facilities?


Thankfully, there are a good number of theme parks, zoos and other leisure attractions that already offer reliable EV charging. With help from RAW’s partner, Octopus Electroverse, we can detail some of the UK’s premier leisure hotspots that provide EV charging facilities. 


Thorpe Park

  • Home of the UK’s fastest rollercoaster – Thorpe Park also grants its visitors access to two on-site EV charging stations. A car parking ticket, which includes the charging cost, must be purchased first; these tickets cost £7 online or £8-£10 when purchased on the day.

Chessington World of Adventures

  • This fun-filled location boasts a theme park, zoo and sealife centre – it is also home to two EV charging stations. A £10 car parking ticket (which includes the charging cost) must be purchased, but it is worth noting that visitors to Chessington must provide their own charging leads. However, hotel guests and Merlin VIP Annual Pass holders can park for free.

Warner Bros. Studio Tour London: The Making of Harry Potter

  • With his famous lightning bolt-shaped scar, Harry Potter is the perfect poster child for EV charging! The Warner Bros. Studio is home to 22 on-site EV charging stations; parking is free, but visitors must pay for any charging costs. 

Chester Zoo

  • The stunning 130-acre expanse of Chester Zoo keeps over 20,000 amazing animal species, and it is home to a good number of EV charge points, too. The zoo offers visitors access to 26 EV charging stations; parking is free; however, visitors must pay a fee for any charging. 

The Eden Project

  • The world’s largest indoor rainforest is home to a fascinating selection of bird, insect and lizard species; given The Eden Project’s passion for education and sustainability, it makes sense that you will also find EV charging facilities here. Though there are only eight charging stations here that can be accessed on a first-come, first-served basis – parking and charging are free. 


  • Offering heaps of construction machinery to operate and fun for both children and adults, what is not to like about Diggerland? Though the site’s attractions may have an affinity with diesel, you will find its facilities are more forward-thinking! Diggerland sites offer solar-powered Tesla charging stations that are free for visitors. 



More and more leisure attractions are offering EV charging facilities, and locations such as LEGOLAND® Windsor and Alton Towers have committed to installing EV charging stations by the end of 2023 with the help of RAW Charging.

It is clear then just how crucial EV charging is and will be regarding the leisure sector, and theme parks and zoos that do not offer EV facilities are in danger of being left behind. 

With the help of RAW Charging, companies can widen the appeal and safeguard the future of their attractions, staying one step ahead of the competition and ensuring a happy visitor experience. 

Contact RAW today for more information and your free location assessment and benefit from the skills and expertise of a team well-versed in providing state-of-the-art, stress-free and future-proof EV charging facilities to leisure attractions across the country.