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Assure Care Plan

Assure is the most comprehensive EV charging station care plan in the industry.
Should a charging station fail due to a manufacturing defect or accident, our
support team will immediately assist your site to repair or replace the
station. Up to five years of ‘Assure’ coverage can be purchased in
advance for maximum discount and peace of mind.

ChargePoint Owner Support
Driver Support
CPMS Admin
Installation & On-site Support

Protecting Your Assets

Our charging stations are the most advanced and reliable in the world. But wear and tear occurs, site conditions can change and accidents or equipment failures can happen. With this comprehensive care plan, we can guarantee that your station will be fully operational 98% of the time. An EV charging station is a smart investment, so it’s smart to protect it with the best warranty programme.

With the package, our suppliers have the responsibility for fixing hardware issues by providing special parts, labour and management of repairs with our expert support specialists.

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