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RAW announced as the exclusive EV charging partner of AA Hotels & Hospitality

RAW Charging, the go-to electric vehicle chargepoint operator for the hospitality and leisure sectors, is pleased to announce its partnership with AA Hotels & Hospitality including the 2024 Hospitality Awards.

RAW Charging has been selected as the EV charging partner for AA Hotels & Hospitality to promote quality charging solutions that will help members boost business, improve guest satisfaction, and advance their sustainability journeys.

This partnership signifies RAW’s commitment to offering high-quality EV charging solutions and sharing invaluable insights to the hospitality sector. As part of the partnership, AA Hotels & Hospitality inspectors will visit hotels in the AA group, explaining how RAW is focused on delivering a great experience for hotel guests as well as outlining RAW’s experience in providing seamless end-to-end solutions for hoteliers.

RAW is focused on making its solutions as simple as possible, starting with mapping out the end-to-end guest journey and how to make it as seamless as possible. The first and last touchpoint at a hotel for an EV driving guest will often be the chargepoints, no longer the reception, so it needs to be a great experience.

As part of its partnership with AA Hotels & Hospitality, RAW Charging is sponsoring the prestigious Group Hotel of the Year Award at AA Hospitality’s upcoming September awards ceremony. Furthermore, RAW is proudly serving as the exclusive EV Charging partner to the Annual Hotel Conference, solidifying its position as a trusted partner within the UK hospitality industry.

RAW works with many of the leading brands in the hospitality, leisure and high-end retail sectors such as Exclusive Hotels, Merlin Entertainments, National Trust and McArthurGlen designer outlets.

As we embark on 2024, RAW Charging remains poised for further success and expansion. With the growing demand for EV charging infrastructure, RAW is dedicated to expanding its network and offering innovative solutions to cater to the evolving needs of the hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors.

Jason Simpson, CEO, RAW Charging, said:

“We are delighted to be the partner of AA Hotels & Hospitality for 2024 supporting their members improve guest experience, boost business and advance their sustainability ambitions. Having been a General Manager myself in a past life I know how important guest satisfaction is and for EV drivers to have a good night’s sleep they need a great bed and the security that their car will be fully charged when they wake up in the morning. By providing fully funded solutions with best-in-class technology and turnkey installation we make sure that the hotel’s team also get a great night’s sleep.”

Simon Numphud, Managing Director, AA Hotel Services, said:

“We are delighted to welcome RAW Charging Group as an AA partner to our hospitality services. With RAW’s leading EV charging solutions and fully funded hospitality-focused offering, we are confident in providing our members with the best services available. There are over 1.5 million electric or hybrid vehicles in the UK and with this set to continue to grow, providing EV charging at your hotel or B&B is becoming more important from a guest perspective.”