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RAW Charging launches at first National Trust sites

RAW Charging, the go-to electric vehicle chargepoint operator for the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors, is pleased to announce it has electrified chargers at the first four National Trust places.

• Charlecote Park is the first place in the National Trust portfolio where RAW has delivered electric vehicle (“EV”) charging for visitors, with the chargers now live.
o RAW has installed 14 AC charging bays allowing customers to charge whilst visiting the location.
• Killerton, Calke Explore & Wimpole Estate are the other three destinations to see EV charging installed, with further National Trust placed under development to be installed in 2024.
• Across the portfolio, RAW will consider 300 individual properties and invest up to £12 million in the rollout as it continues to support the demand for destination charging.

National Trust visitors can now charge up their EVs whilst visiting a range of sites, which include hiking trails, historic houses and gardens.
Over the next three years, RAW will work closely with National Trust to develop and install EV charging at suitable sites across the Trust’s portfolio in England, Wales and Northern Ireland, ensuring the location and design sympathetically integrates the infrastructure into its environment. A further 21 sites are under development and are expected to be installed by mid-2024. Each location has been designed to provide larger bays to enhance accessibility, supporting visitors to make more sustainable journeys to National Trust places.

RAW is the go-to provider for destination charging for the hospitality, leisure, and retail sectors. RAW has achieved this by ensuring its chargers are meeting the needs of EV drivers, they are simple to use and perfect for locations with a dwell time of over two hours, such as at a National Trust place. RAW also makes the process of EV installation as simple as possible for its clients, providing minimal disruption as it installs EV charging for hospitality, leisure and retail businesses.

At National Trust places, most chargers will be AC destination chargers allowing visitors to charge during their day spent enjoying National Trust’s estates, houses and gardens. However, DC rapid charging hubs will be made available at a small number of National Trust places where the visit time is shorter than standard, or if the location is convenient for drivers to charge during a short break from longer journeys. Once complete, the rollout is expected to be one of RAW’s largest, investing up to £12 million in the project.

Jason Simpson, CEO, RAW Charging, said:
“The team at RAW Charging is delighted to have energised at the first four sites in the rollout. We are investing significant capital in the National Trust partnership as we continue to deliver reliable and affordable EV charging for the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors. RAW has become the go-to provider for EV charging due to our reliable hardware, cradle-to-grave support and focus on making the driver journey as seamless as possible.”
Patrick Begg, Outdoors and Natural Resources Director, National Trust, said:
“We are pleased to be able to offer EV charging for visitors to Charlecote Park. This is the first location in our portfolio to have charging facilities, providing visitors with the opportunity to charge their EV whilst visiting the beautiful historic house and deer park.

“Installing EV charging points at places in our care which are suitable for this infrastructure will help build the network needed to facilitate the transition away from petrol and diesel. It will offer our visitors a more sustainable option for visiting us, and it will help the National Trust to reduce our overall carbon footprint, something that is very important to us as we target becoming net zero by 2030.”

Joe Gorman, UK Director, ChargePoint, said:

“ChargePoint’s mission is to provide the technology to get every driver behind the wheel of an EV. To make that happen, drivers need to be able to charge everywhere they go and whenever they need to do so. We congratulate RAW Charging on the extension of their network into National Trust properties across the UK. We are proud to be the technology partner of this project as many of the first automobiles of the early 1900s were in fact electric, it is enjoyable to see history come full circle in such beautiful locations.”