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LiFe Network & Oxford Council: Announcement

RAW Charging Takes Over Oxford Council Electric Vehicle Charge Points

We are delighted to become the new supplier of bollard electric vehicle chargers in Oxford City Centre.

Taking over from Franklin who went into administration in September 2021, we will take over the payment and support systems meaning users will experience no difference in the methods already in use to charge.Established as part of the Go Ultra Low Oxford (GULO) Trial, the chargers were originally funded by the Office of Zero Emissions.

Our initial aim is to actively target and repair the vandalised and broken chargers as a matter of priority and we intend to have engineers visit the faulty Ensto chargers in Frenchay Road and Sandfield Road before January. Repair of any other locations will then follow in the next 5-6 weeks.

When using the chargers, the helpdesk and email details advertised on the chargers are routed to our support team. In the coming weeks however, you will see the labels on the chargers updated across the city.

The cost of charging will remain at £0.25 for the time being. Users can download the LiFe EV app on the app store or google play or continue to use their RFID Cards to charge.

Bruce Galliford, CEO, RAW Charging said: “We are pleased to be working with Oxford City Council on the Go Ultra Low Oxford trial, providing a management across their Oxford sites. The chargers provide a crucial EV charging service to the residents and visitors to Oxford. We look forward to a long and successful future with them.”

Thank you for your patience and support during this period.

Team RAW