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Turn your disused site
into an EV ChargeYard

Why work with us to build a ChargeYard?


Stuggling to get planning permission? We'll take care of this for you


You'll continue to earn from the assets over a 20+ year period


Credentials are a must for current businesses, make sure you don't get left behind

Abrdn Partner With RAW

Redeveloping a derelict site to deliver the first town centre Electric Vehicle Charging Hub: Due to its location and connection to the M4 and into Slough town centre, Aberdeen Standard Investments wanted to establish the feasibility of an EV charging hub on a derelict and constricted site.

“We hope that this pioneering EV charging hub in the town centre is the stimulus for many more of its kind”

Isabel Scruby, Planning Consultant, JLL

En-Route Charging

We understand that en route charging is fast becoming a vital part of an EV drivers’ everyday life, so we’ve come up with an answer. We’re on a mission to build state-of-the-art ChargeYards across our network in the near future to ensure you remain topped up. Our first, a Slough-based, 12-bay hub capable of charging at 300kW per port! Keep an eye out as we have more to come!

Download Our Installation Process PDF

5 Key Questions about an urban ChargeYard...

Firstly our team will have an initial consultation with you. We’ll then carry out a feasibility study before applying for a grid connection (should it need one). Once we have this, we’ll design the site for your approval, take care of planning and begin construction. Once the civil works are complete, we’ll push the site live and you’ll begin earning.

Our team will suggest the best option based on the location of the installation. We often like a mix of the two. DC charging provided for people in a rush, or for people working such as taxi drivers, but AC for local residents or local workers who may prefer a lower free and longer charging time.


On top of our consultancy support, RAW will provide 24/7 service should anything go wrong. RAW will also provide internal marketing support to ensure the ChargeYard receives relevant launch target marketing in the local area.

This really depends on usage. If it’s a busy location, you’ll see a good return straight away. If the usage rates are low to begin with, why not try a competition to entice drivers to charge there? Don’t forget RAW will provide sales and marketing support to ensure the site it clearly displayed to EV drivers.

Leave this to us. Our team take care of the day to day management of the ChargeYard and will be there should anything need sorting. We’ll ensure chargers are always kept online, chargers are fixed if broken or vandalised and we’ll promote the ChargeYard to the local community.

The Transformation


If you own a piece of disused land and would like to earn from it? Get in touch with our team today.

Own a disused location?
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