You can be an influence

Drivers today can play a huge role in influencing the implementation of destination EV charging.
Join our network today and ensure your workplace has you covered.

The RAW Charge Yard

Destination, en route and at home are all locations you’ll undoubtedly need to charge your EV at. We’ve taken the leap and are proud to introduce our inaugural Charge Yard. Based just 1.5 miles form junction 6 of the M4, the Slough-based, 12-bay charging hub offers both fast and ultra-rapid charging.

Built on a previously unused section of land, we’ve created a publically available hub serving local residents, office workers, taxi drivers and more. If you own a location where you think a Charge Yard would be suitable, we’d love to know about it!

Visit The Charge Yard

Key Points A Driver Should Be Aware Of


Surge in EV searches during the September fuel crisis


EV's estimated to be on the European roads within a decade


and counting! Our network is equivalent to planting this many trees and letting them grow for 10 years

Home Charging

We provide charging solutions for your household that bring convenience to your daily routine and improve your driving experience. We’ll provide the equipment, arrange your installation and make sure you know your way around the software. Got a question? Ask us.

Learn more about our home charging solution here:

Charge At Home

Destination Charging

You can influence your workplace to ensure EV charging is top of their priority list. Simple, safe, easy-to-use charging is just what you need after commuting to the office. Not yet installed? Ask your employer to get in touch today.

Learn more about our destination charging solution here:

Charge At Your Destination

En Route Charging

We understand that en route charging can be a vital part of your life, so we’ve come up with an answer. We’re on a mission to build Charge Yards across our network in the foreseeable future to keep you topped up. Our first, a Slough Based, 12-bay hub capable of charging at 300kW per port! Keep an eye out as we have more to come!

Learn more about on the move charging here:

Charge On The Move

Speak To An Expert

There are no such things as silly questions when it comes to EV charging. So if you’ve got one, ask it!


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