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RAW Charging are best in class EV charging point installers, destination, en route and at home are all locations you’ll undoubtedly need to charge your EV at. We’ve proud to welcome drivers to our charging destinations such as the RAW ChargeYard which is based just 1.5 miles form junction 6 of the M4. The Slough-based, 12-bay charging hub offers both fast and ultra-rapid charging for all EV drivers

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Key Points A Driver Should Be Aware Of


Surge in EV searches during the September fuel crisis


EV's estimated to be on the European roads within a decade


and counting! Our network is equivalent to planting this many trees and letting them grow for 10 years

Home Charging

We provide charging solutions for your household that bring convenience to your daily routine and improve your driving experience. As expert EV charging point installers, we’ll provide the equipment, arrange your installation and make sure you know your way around the software. Got a question? Ask us.

Learn more about our home charging solution here:

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Destination Charging

You can influence your workplace to ensure EV charging is top of their priority list. Simple, safe, easy-to-use charging is just what you need after commuting to the office. Not yet installed? Ask your employer to get in touch today.

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En Route Charging

We understand that en route charging can be a vital part of your life, so we’ve come up with an answer. We’re on a mission to build Charge Yards across our network in the foreseeable future to keep you topped up. Our first, a Slough Based, 12-bay hub capable of charging at 300kW per port! Keep an eye out as we have more to come!

Learn more about on the move charging here:

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5 Key Questions EV Drivers Often Ask Us...

It varies, but our chargers often cost £0.27p p/kW at an AC charger, or £0.40 p/kW at a DC charger

Our network offers both AC & DC public charging. The difference is that AC charging comes direct from the grid and is then converted to DC by your vehicle’s onboard charger so it can be stored in your EV’s battery. The speed of this is however limited. With DC fast and ultra-fast charging on the other hand, the conversion happens within the (often larger) charger outside of your EV and therefore you can charge your vehicle in a shorter period of time.

Some of our roaming charge points have an overstay fee applied after a short grace period when a vehicle is connected and not charging. When selecting a charge point in the App, click on ‘More details’ to find out if there is a charge.

But from one EV driver to another – we kindly ask you vacate the space once fully charged!

If you’re charging at our DC sites, in order for the locking pin to engage, you may need to pull the connector up. One you hear a click, this means it has engaged. With Apple devices,  your virtual RFID ‘card’ must be added to the Apple Wallet before contactless payment will be accepted. To create your RFID card account, please sign up to the ChargePoint App, where payment information is easily explained. In any event, please call our 24/7 helpline on +44 (0) 20 7519 5052 and our team will endeavour so help as quickly as possible. Alternatively, please email [email protected].

Most yes, but not all chargers are available to the public. Some may have been purchased by privately and may therefore only be available to drivers they have allocated. Some of our chargers are cable attached, meaning you can simply plug in. Others require you to use your own cable.

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There are no such things as silly questions when it comes to EV charging. So if you’ve got one, ask it!


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