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Pennyhill Park Sustainability Day, September 2024: Paving the Way for a Greener Hospitality Industry

RAW Charging, a leading provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging solutions, hosted an enlightening event in February 2024, aptly named ‘Sustainability Day’. The event brought together a diverse group of voices from the hotel industry to discuss how hotels can decarbonise and improve their sustainability while maintaining a focus on customer satisfaction.

A Confluence of Expertise

The guest speakers included Graham Copeman, General Manager at Pennyhill Park, part of Exclusive Hotels and Venues; Claire Watkin, Managing Director of The Fine Bedding Company; Martyn Sheridan, Sales and Marketing Director at Shawton Energy; and Jack Mitchell, Key Account Manager at RAW Charging. Each speaker brought their unique expertise and experience to advise the many guests in the room.


The Path to Decarbonisation

The journey towards decarbonisation for hoteliers involves a multi-faceted approach. The discussions revolved around the challenges and opportunities during that journey. The speakers shared insights on how the hospitality industry can balance the need for sustainability with the imperative of customer satisfaction.

Jack Mitchell, Key Account Manager at RAW Charging discussed how hotels can provide EV charging facilities for their guests. This not only reduces the carbon footprint but also enhances the guest experience for those who own electric vehicles. Hotels can also significantly reduce their reliance on fossil fuels by installing solar panels to complement their EV charging.

Graham Copeman, General Manager at Pennyhill Park discussed the hotels journey to becoming a B-Corp, sourcing locally and supporting the community it operates in.

Claire Watkin, Managing Director of The Fine Bedding Company detailed the history of the family business, explained how fabrics are ethically sourced, produced and maintained and provided insight as to investment in staff encourages health, wellness and safety.

Martyn Sheridan, Sales and Marketing Director at Shawton Energy deep dived into energy prices, the market and how solar technology is constantly developing and improving to help decarbonisation.

The speakers explained their different sustainable strategies and demonstrated how by adopting these strategies, the hospitality industry can make significant strides in their journey towards decarbonisation, all while enhancing the guest experience.

RAW Charging: Your Partner in Sustainability

RAW Charging, with its turn-key solution for EV charging needs, is as a key ally for hoteliers in their sustainability journey. The company’s comprehensive EV charging solution is designed to be seamless and efficient, ensuring that hotels can offer their guests the convenience of EV charging without any operational hassles.


Sustainability Day was a significant step forward in the hospitality industry’s journey towards a greener future. With companies like RAW Charging leading the way with innovative solutions, the path to sustainability looks promising.

Stay tuned for more updates on our journey towards a sustainable future in the hospitality industry. Together, we can make a difference.