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The Importance of Destination Charging

In the internet age, persuading people away from purchasing from the comfort of their armchairs and into shops is becoming increasingly challenging. However, where commodities such as clothing and even feeding ourselves have shifted online, specific sectors, such as the hospitality and leisure industries, have the opportunity to adapt and flourish. 

The likes of pubs, restaurants, golf clubs, health clubs, and hotels should be capitalising on the increase of electric vehicles on our roads and the subsequent need for EV charging once customers reach their destination. 

Companies such as RAW Charging are leading the way regarding introducing destination charging to premises across the UK. Here, we’ll look at how adding EV charging facilities can increase the value of your location. 


Attract new customers.

By offering destination charging, businesses will attract a whole new pool of visitors, members and even new staff in the form of EV drivers. As electric vehicles charge, these drivers can quickly become customers, as the propensity of them spending money on your premises increases during this charging period.

Whether spending an hour or so browsing around stores and making a purchase or spending two hours or more enjoying a meal, attending a meeting or playing a round of golf; destination EV charging ultimately equals more time and money spent.

Increase customer convenience.

One of the main draws in attracting any customer is convenience; this is no different regarding destination charging. Customers demand an experience that is efficient, seamless and stress-free, and knowing that their EV will be fully charged and ready for the trip home is an invaluable asset. 

Installing reliable charging facilities at your destination with the help of RAW Charging eliminates range anxiety and allows drivers to extend their trips without worrying about running out of charge.


Enhance business sustainability and community links. 

A considerable benefit of EV charging is, of course, the positive environmental impact it possesses. Pollution and greenhouse gas emissions are heavily associated with the transport industry, so highlighting a sustainable ethos with destination charging is a surefire way to stand out from the competition. 

Destination charging will influence not only the sustainability of a business for the better but also the surrounding community. By promoting clean energy and offering a reliable charging destination, you’ll increase footfall and encourage locals to visit your site and use its facilities.


Improve public perception of your brand.

At a time when negative customer experiences are aplenty, thanks to the immediacy and intensity of social media platforms, brand image is everything. 

What better way to boost a brand’s public image than by introducing RAW’s EV charging facilities? Destination charging will position your business as environmentally conscious, empathetic of climate change and accepting of the increase and adoption of EVs. 

The forward-thinking nature that comes hand-in-hand with introducing destination charging to a location is a fantastic way to endear yourself to a new generation of clientele. 


Take advantage of the economic benefits.

Destination charging can and will cause a domino effect of positive economic activity. The obvious advantages are a boost in footfall and the corresponding increase in revenue, as well as the environmental impact mentioned above.

However, these economic benefits are far more wide-ranging. Further examples of this positive effect include the support of EV-related growth in industries such as the EV charging infrastructure and renewable energy generation, proving that destination charging can flourish and impact your business’s fortunes tenfold.

Moreover, companies can reap these benefits and receive a cost-free revenue share with RAW Charging’s fully funded host ownership option. RAW is on the lookout for host partners who’d like to make the most of their site, providing installation and ongoing management and support completely free of charge. 

Are you ready to turn your destination into an EV charging hotspot? Then, become a part of RAW Charging’s ever-growing infrastructure; contact us today for more information on installation and an assessment of your location.