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Go Green & Be Seen: How EV Charging Can Help Leisure Businesses Beat the Competition

The leisure sector is undoubtedly one of the most competitive and lucrative markets in the United Kingdom, with countless gyms, health clubs, golf clubs and more vying for the attention of potential members amidst a sea of competition. 

With more emphasis on health, personal well-being and being active since the COVID-19 pandemic, the UK has seen more and more leisure facilities crop up nationwide. 

Similarly, the nation has seen a dramatic increase in EV ownership, with EVs predicted to account for a third of all vehicles on the road by 2030. However, as things stand, leisure facilities need to catch up with the number of electric cars on the road, and facilities need to be improved. 

RAW Charging is among the UK’s leading forces in the leisure industry’s EV charging infrastructure, having recently completed large projects for the likes of The National Trust and Merlin Entertainments.

Below, RAW has highlighted key areas that leisure businesses can capitalise on, helping you stand out from the crowd and attract a vital new demographic of clientele. 


Going green makes perfect sense for leisure businesses. 

Public image is everything, and when environmental impact and our carbon footprints are being placed under close scrutiny, adopting and adapting to green energy is a no-brainer for businesses.

This statement is especially true for leisure-based businesses, given that their very identity is centred around well-being and, in the case of golf clubs and the like, incorporates an appreciation for the outdoors. 

Given the increase in EV ownership (that shows no signs of slowing down), it is the ideal time for the leisure sector to capitalise on this fast-growing market, placing EV facilities at the forefront of their site and their clientele’s leisure experience. 


The benefits of EV charging for the leisure sector.

Implementing EV facilities has numerous commercial and environmental advantages, all of which can (and will) dramatically increase your site’s appeal to new customers and enhance your brand’s reputation.

These benefits include: 

  • Increasing footfall – EV facilities will attract a fresh demographic of EV-driving customers, allowing you to draw in and retain clientele. 
  • Generate extra revenue – The above-mentioned footfall will subsequently generate a valuable and reliable source of income from previously untapped potential. 
  • Boost dwell time – The more time customers spend at your site charging their electric vehicle, the higher the revenue generated per customer. 
  • Competitive advantage – Many leisure facilities are yet to take advantage of the many benefits of EV charging. Adopting an infrastructure early on will push ahead of the competition and gain a crucial new customer base.  
  • Promote loyalty – With this new pool of clientele comes loyalty. Pip the competition to the post, and you will cement your premises as a reliable, trustworthy location for Destination EV Charging that, in turn, will increase return custom.  
  • Enhanced customer experience and convenience –  Your EV facilities offer a convenient means of charging for EV drivers; this dramatically impacts overall customer experience, which will lead to positive reviews, return businesses and extra revenue, whether an extended stay or a quick coffee break.  
  • Fresh marketing opportunities – Offering EV charging at your site opens up vast marketing potential. Promoting your charging facilities through marketing channels will attract new customers while re-engaging existing ones, simultaneously highlighting your brand’s sustainability efforts.  
  • Future-proof your site – Providing modern amenities not only gives you a competitive edge, but it can safeguard the future of your business. A charging infrastructure will prepare your leisure business and position you to cater to a rapidly growing market.


RAW Charging is helping leisure businesses leap ahead of the competition.

Given the competition within the leisure industry and the uncertainty arising from the UK’s economy, RAW realises that adopting EV charging facilities may be a daunting prospect for many leisure-based businesses. 

That is why RAW offers a range of Ownership Options to fit your business’s needs. Whether you are an independent health club or gym or a large, multi-national leisure business, RAW is committed to finding the right fit for your brand. They will foot the bill for your leisure facility’s hardware and installation process, share the revenue stream, and they will be with you every step of the way throughout the journey. 


Realise the full potential of your site with RAW’s EV charge points.

RAW Charging is no stranger to transforming the sites of large companies, with notable clientele including The National Trust, McArthurGlen, Greene King, Exclusive Hotels and Merlin Entertainments, to name but a few. 

With RAW’s Host Ownership, these sites benefit from turnkey solutions and facilities that make sense for each location. They will undertake the often complex planning and application process, provide and install your EV charge stations for free, and take charge of hardware and software maintenance – and your site will receive a revenue share.


If you are ready to introduce EV facilities to your leisure site, contact RAW today for further information and a free location assessment.